electricianThanks to the internet and to all professionals who are willing to share their knowledge, there is a lot of online tutorials that teaches you almost anything, including doing electrical work. That’s why a lot of Myrtle Beach homeowners in the Myrtle Beach area are tempted to use those tutorials to do a DIY electrical work in the house instead of hiring an electrician.

Now, MB Electricians suggest that you call an electrical contractor rather than going the DIY route, not only because it’s good for business but because doing electrical work yourself without going through the right training is very dangerous.

Electrical Tasks That Require The Expertise Of An Electrician

Outlet Installation

In case you have a dead outlet, you might think that you can replace it because it’s seems like a simple task. However, this could be dangerous especially if you have no idea what you are doing. Keep in mind that not all outlets are the same and if you buy the wrong type of outlet, it could place your house at risk of electrical fires. Another point is that if you do not install the outlet correctly, the best situation you can get is to have an electrical outlet that does not work. But something much worse could happen. You’ll find yourself experiencing painful shocks from the electrical outlet and even short out the electrical appliances that you plug into it.

Lighting Repair and Installation

Another electrical task that you need to leave at the hands of professionals is repairing and installing lights. Installing lights without the knowing what the building codes are will leave you either with a non-functional light or fried wiring. The only repair you should do in your lights is changing burnt out bulbs. Lighting repair needs specialized knowledge and training to avoid major injuries due to electrical shocks.

Adding Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There’s nothing wrong with buying a plug in monoxide detector. You can even purchase a fire alarm that’s battery operated. They are not that convenient as the hardwired versions but they are effective. But if you would like to go with the hardwired options, you need to call a qualified electrical contractor.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

It should be common sense that a licensed electrician Myrtle Beach is the only one who should work on electrical panels. However, there are many YouTube tutorials and someone will be tempted to go the DIY route when expanding a panel or replacing the circuit breaker. Don’t do this.

This is the type of work that should be done only by a trained electrician Myrtle Beach. Because if you get this electrical work wrong, you can get the upgrade of an electrical panel wrong and it could lead to a house fire. And in case your insurance company learns that you did not have an electrical contractor do the work, they will not honor your claim for the damages in your house. So don’t do anything with your electrical panel. Call an electrician instead.

Call MB Electrician for professional help for all your electrical needs.

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