electrical inspectionFall is here and it’s time to bring out that checklist once again to prep your home for another holiday entertaining. Other than cleaning, you should also focus on the electrical side of your home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Electrical fires are quite common but you can make sure that it doesn’t happen in your home. Hire an electrician to perform a thorough electrical inspection and have that peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with electrical issues around the holidays. Here are some things you should add to your electrical inspection checklist:

Pay attention to those extension cords

Let’s be honest. A lot of us use extension cords for various purposes. So much so that we even use them for extended durations and often to some extent that they aren’t designed for. As a general rule, never use extension cords for permanent or long-term applications. Keep them away from direct sunlight. Not all extension cords are made for heavy-duty outdoor applications. Also, make sure that no copper wires are exposed to prevent electrocution.

Get rid of those old, broken light bulbs

It’s about time that you put some effort into replacing those old, flickering light bulbs once and for all. Replacing them isn’t that hard at all. Most often, you just need to unscrew the light bulbs and install the new ones. Of course, you could make your life easier by hiring a Myrtle Beach electrician and letting them do all the work for you.

Upgrade to energy-saving appliances and electrical units

In this day and age, electrical appliances aren’t just about functionality. One of the selling points of most electrical devices nowadays is energy efficiency. You could argue that your appliances are still good. That’s a solid argument but how long can they hold up? And would you want to miss out on newer, more efficient appliances? Contact your local residential electrician for more tips on electrical upgrades.

Electrical wiring declutter

Are your electrical outlets all occupied? Are the wires still in order? If not, untangle the wires by first unplugging everything from the socket. Then do some cable management to organize everything. If you can’t seem to make everything work, hire an expert like Florence Electrician Pros to do the cable management for you.

Schedule an electrical inspection

The most important bit of your checklist is to schedule a professional electrical inspection. While you can do most of the other items on the checklist, an inspection must be done by a professional and reliable electrician. Bear in mind that it is the electrical safety of your entire home that’s at stake. You can’t afford to miss any potential electrical issues. Electrical fires are very common. One reason for this is the lack of a proper electrical inspection. Don’t make the same mistake that others did. Hire an electrician today to keep your home and family safe.

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