bathroom electrical safetyEverybody knows that electricity and water create a dangerous combination. It can lead to mild electrical shocks or worse electrocution. The problem is that not all homeowners know the reason why, especially when it comes to bathroom electrical safety. The bathroom is one of the few places where this electricity and water coupling happens, especially when you think about the total water sources in that part of your house including the tub, shower, and faucets, which are installed amid electrical outlets and light fixtures. If you think that this one is in fact an understated way of saying that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your house when considering electrical risks, we wouldn’t disagree. It is even riskier than your kitchen. So, you have to keep water and electricity far from each other in the bathroom, even if you have a ground fault circuit interrupter installed. If you don’t know where to start, call a Myrtle Beach electrician.

Electricity and Water Is A Dangerous Mix

A ground fault circuit interrupter is designed to cut the flow of electricity if there is water and that is why they should be installed in every bathroom. The main function of a GFCI is to sense and respond to danger, a function that keeps you and your family safe. But, you also need to remember that a GFCI is not infallible. They eventually wear out as time goes by and that is why electricians urge homeowners to have their GFCI tested every month. Just like smoke detectors, they need to be in tip-top condition to respond to any electrical emergency. Apart from that, it is not a good idea to be careless when it comes to water and electricity.

Electrical Safety Tips

Be wary of electrical outlets and switches that feel hot when you touch them. You should also be active about blown fuses and flickering lights. These could all be signs of wiring problems, which must be repaired immediately by licensed electricians.

You should also inspect the cords of appliances like blow dryers and curling irons as well as all those that are plugged in. The cords should have no cracks, or dings, or are frayed because they can all be a fire hazard. Always keep the appliances away from the sink because you will surely have a difficult time if you find yourself working on a tight counter space with only one outlet. In cases like this, you should think about calling a professional electrician who will install a new electrical outlet for you.

When you are done using electrical devices or appliances, don’t forget to switch them off. Turning them off but not unplugging them will still pose a risk of shock, especially when they come in contact with water.

Check your light choices. Even if you want to buy pendant lights, you need to know that they are not as safe and secure as enclosed ceiling lights for your bathrooms. In case you have hanging lights, be sure that they are far from the reach of anyone who is still wet from using the tub or shower.

Call MB Electrician Pros if you need help making sure that the electrical system in your bathroom is fully functional and safe.

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