emergency electricianBefore calling an emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach, it helps if you know how to identify the electrical problem first. This will help you verify whether or not you need professional assistance from your electrician. Keep in mind that not all electrical problems are electrical emergencies. There are ones that only require a quick and easy restart of your circuit breaker.

If you identify which is a real electrical emergency and which are minor electrical problems, you save both your time and that of your emergency electrician Myrtle Beach. To help with this, here are some things to remember and keep in mind.

1. Frequently tripping circuit breakers may mean an overloaded system.
Circuit breakers sometimes trip when there is a sudden change in the flow of electricity. This protects you and the rest of the household from more severe problems such as electrical fire due to continuous use of electricity despite the sudden change in the flow of electricity. What circuit breakers do is they automatically shut off the connection in the circuit where there has been a sudden change in the flow of electricity. Thus, power will suddenly be cut off in a certain part of the house. What you should do when this happens is to go to your circuit breaker. Switch it off and wait for a couple of minutes before turning it back on.

On the other hand, if the tripping happens more frequently, it may mean that there is an overload in your electrical system. You can confirm this if the tripping happens every time you plug in a particular appliance or equipment in different circuits throughout the house. Once confirmed, call your emergency electrician for a more thorough inspection and to make the necessary repairs or improvements to make your electrical system safer and more efficient.

2. Electrical shocks can be due to faulty wiring or problems with your equipment or appliance.
Electrical shocks – whether mild or severe – should not be ignored. In fact, even the mild tingling sensation when plugging in an appliance should make you stop and determine the real cause of the problem. Note that electrical shocks can be due to faulty wiring or worn out or damaged equipment.

To confirm the real cause of the problem, MB Electrician Pros the electrician suggests checking the plug and wiring and looking for signs of wear and tear. Remember that wires that are twisted or bent may have been damaged causing its inner components to become exposed. This is what often creates the tingling sensation when plugging in the equipment with exposed wire. You can also try plugging in the appliance to a different plug or socket. This will help you determine whether the problem is due to a worn out plug or if you need to replace or repair your appliance.

3. Light bulbs and light fixtures have different wattages.
It helps if you know the specific maximum wattage of all your light fixtures. This helps you buy the right types of light bulbs for your house. Buying and using a light bulb that exceeds the maximum recommended wattage of your light fixture will cause the fixture to overheat and eventually cause an electrical fire if not resolved immediately. Should this happen to you, you need to switch off your main circuit breaker first to cut off the power in all your light fixtures and then call your emergency electrician for assistance.

4. A burning smell is definitely not a good sign.
When you notice a burnt smell near your appliances, electrical furniture and outlets, you need to switch your home’s main power at the electrical panel and then call your electrician for immediate assistance. Keep in mind that a burnt smell, especially when coming from your outlets, plugs and light fixtures may mean an electrical fire is brewing. Thus, you need to act immediately and call for emergency assistance.

When noticing something unusual at home, it is always best to call in a professional. Never attempt to do an electrical repair on your own especially if you have limited knowledge and skills in electrical repair.

Call MB Electrician Pros today and have an emergency electrician to assist you with your electrical needs and problems.

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