electricianThis time of year our electric bill seems to be rising as we are warming our homes.  During peak times such as cold winter or warm summers, the demand for electricity will increase and so will the resulting utility bill.  Electricians said that the best way to lower your bill is to cut back on how you use electrical power.  This can be done without sacrificing your current lifestyle.  It is just a matter of paying attention to a few details and the results will add up.

Tip 1 – Kill Phantom Power

How many of the electrical devices in your home stay plugged in when not in use?  Look for television sets that are in extra bedrooms or areas not frequently used and are still plugged in. Older TV sets use electric power to keep the cathode ray tube in operation so the set will come on right away without having to “warm up.”  Battery chargers, computers and other electronic devices still use small amounts of electricity even when they are not in use.

Tip 2 –  Use LED’s

As you have read in the news, compact fluorescent lights are replacing the incandescent light bulb.  Despite the fact that the new light bulbs are more expensive that a traditional bulb, because they last a lot longer and use less electrical power, you will save money over time.

Tip 3 – Use Electricity in Off Peak Hours

The prime time for electricity use is between 7 am and 11 pm.  The cost of utility goes down during the other eight hours of the day.  One great way to take advantage of these off-peak hours is to replace your water tank with one that is a time-of-use system that will heat the water during the low period. Another idea would be to use energy thermal storage units.  This technology releases the heat that builds up during the inexpensive time of day and is stored in ceramic bricks for use during peak times. You can set the unit to shut off power during peak hours and use the reserve.

Tip 4 – Take a Look At Changing Your Tap Washers

One drain could be leaking hot water taps.  These leaks cause the hot water tank to keep heating the water and this can add up to hundreds of dollars wasted on utility bills each year.  Change out corroded tap washers or call your local plumber and have them checked.

Tip 5 – Install Motion-Brightening Lights

A motion light will stay off until something moves that sets off its motion detector.  If you want your home lit to deter unwanted guests, you will want to consider a exterior light system that has a very low glow that comes on at dusk and then will switch to bright when motion is detected.  This keeps the lighting on low power consumption while still maintaining the security of your home. Hire an electrician Myrtle Beach if you need help with its installation.

Tip 6 – Cold water washing

Yes, mom always said to use hot water to get your clothes clean, but mom did not have the advantage of today’s detergents that work just as well in cold water.  Turn off the hot water inlet to your washer and enjoy the savings.

Tip 7 – Save electricity with solar dryers

I love this tip! Dryers use a lot of electrical power.  Hang your clothes on an old fashion clothes line and they will smell fresh without a dryer sheet and you will save money.  Don’t have time? Consider doing part of your laundry such as towels and sheets using your solar dryer.

Tip 8 – Check for electricity leaks – Caulk

If your home is over twenty years old you probably have dozens of small leaks that are caused by wood shrinkage and holes that were inadequately sealed. When you caulk around windows, door frames and other places where leaks occur you will save hundreds of dollars in heating and air conditioning costs.

Tip 9 – Solar Powered Lights

If you have small children or older adults in your home I am sure that you have night lights in hallways and bathrooms.  These are great for lighting the way for those unexpected needs during the night. Consider using low-voltage LED lighting that is charged during the day with solar energy.  This type of light is great for under the kitchen cabinets and over counts in the bathroom because they do not need a power source and are a source of free lighting.

Tip 10 –  Consider a Hot Water Inlet Tank

There is a new trend in home building has a water inlet tank installed that goes between the water source and the hot water tank.  One of the highest uses of electrical power is warming your water for the shower.  By letting the water sit in a holding tank that uses solar energy to warm the water before it goes into your hot water tank you are cutting down on the time and cost of heating cold water to warm for showering.  By bring the water temperature up 20 – 30 degrees from the ground water, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.

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