electricianThe National Electric Code for electricians, or NEC lists the required electrical standards for kitchen appliances. It’s important to know this, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply rewiring an older kitchen. New construction allows freedom to get the best and most energy efficient wiring possible, but you can also keep in mind that it’s completely possible in old homes as well, to rewire the house for new codes of energy efficient electrical wiring. If you do have an older house, you should call in a qualified electrician and let him suggest ways to make improvements that will save you money in the long run, as well as bring the house up to code.

How Electricians Wire For Refrigerators

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your house is the refrigerator. Today’s code still does not require the fridge to be run through a separate circuit. The code today states that no one motorized appliance can use more than half of the maximum amount the circuit can give. Yet refrigerators often use nearly the entire amount all on their own.

Although appliance circuits are listed in today’s code as needing two circuits per countertop, your electrician should always give the microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher their own circuit. Kitchen lighting can be coupled and run with the dining room circuit. There should always be circuits available at all times in order to prevent a maxed out circuit. Otherwise, someone could plug the smallest thing in and max out the circuit because the fridge, for example, is taking up the entire circuit. No matter what the code says, you should ask your electrician to configure the wiring in such a way that it isn’t maxed out by one appliance.

While most electricians Myrtle Beach will use the original house plans to lay out the wiring. The problem can be that those plans don’t cover the potential wiring issues that can cause the home to not be wired correctly. For instance, the electrician needs to be aware of what the kitchen plans are for appliances. Is the homeowner using a commercial line of appliances? Are these appliances more of a professional grade? If they are, then they are bigger than average and will require more electricity. If your home wasn’t custom wired for your needs, then chances are the house had the minimal amount of wiring to start with and if you’re remodeling, you will need to have more circuits available.

In conclusion, it will serve you well if you know ahead of time which appliances you will have in your kitchen. Save yourself and your electrical contractor a major headache by planning this out in advance. It’s much easier to wire on the front end for what you need.

Wiring your home properly can be a big job in order to do it right. For more information on how to properly wire your kitchen for energy efficiency, please contact us today at MB Electrician Pros. We’re the electricians who know our stuff!

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