electrical safetyAccording to the U.S. Fire Administration, one out of every three Christmas tree fires is due to some form of an electrical problem. This should be a warning to homeowners in Myrtle Beach SC, especially those who enjoy decorating their homes with twinkling lights during the Christmas season. Read through the five electrical safety tips that will make your holiday decorations safe and secure:

Choose Fire-Resistant Trees

Artificial trees that are fire-resistant can withstand burning for much longer than traditional trees. Your holiday celebration will be safer if you choose the right material. Make sure you only buy fire-resistant decorations and safe-to-use holiday materials. For assistance with electrical wiring and installation, contact Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros.

Avoid overloading

This electrical safety tip will help you if you intend to install many lights this year. Your extension cords should not be overloaded. Also, make sure that your light strands are distributed among different cords. Your extension cord’s wattage limit is important. Exceeding the wattage limit could lead to overheating, which can put your home in serious danger. It is a good idea to ask your trusted electrician for tips on what type of decorations offer the best safety features.

Use Decorative lights in a responsible manner

The problem for homeowners is when they use ornamental lights during holidays. There are two kinds of Christmas lights: indoor and outdoor. If you want to hang lights outside of your home, ensure that they are specifically designed for this purpose. If not careful, you might find yourself in the middle of an electrical fire.

Give Your Lights a Break

It is not a good idea to keep your Christmas lights on all the time. They may make your home look brighter and more alive, but they can cause significant increases in your energy bills. Before you go to bed or leave on holiday, unplug all lights.

Take a look at the labels

To ensure safety and avoid electrical fires or other hazards, your Christmas lights should be inspected and verified by Underwriters Laboratories. UL is a third-party organization that establishes safety standards for various product categories and then tests them to make sure they are safe. Make sure to read the labels before you purchase decorative lights that are UL-labeled.

You can make Christmas as happy as you want if you have it all under control. These electrical safety decorating tips will ensure a safe and happy holiday. Contact your local Myrtle Beach electrician for any electrical repairs or maintenance before the holiday season fully kicks in.

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