electricianProfessional electricians say that natural disasters and severe storms can lead to different electrical safety problems in and around our houses. Floods, downed power lines, and lighting are only some of the serious safety issues linked with storms.

But most of these electrical safety problems stay even after the storm itself has already passed. Here are some electrical safety tips provided by the Electrical Safety Foundation International ESFI along with answers to some of the most common questions about storm safety.

Electrical Safety Tips During Disasters

What do you need to do if you are outside during a lightning storm?

  • You should find a move mot a light point. If you are in an exposed area, you should move into a crouched position since lighting tend to hit tall objects.
  • Tuck your head.
  • Cover your ears.
  • Don’t get close to trees.
  • Don’t hold or avoid any metal objects.
  • Stay away from anything damp including grass.
  • Stay away from lakes, pools, or anything that has water.
  • If there are other people, be sure not to stay close to them.

Should you stay in or out of the car?

Electrician Myrtle Beach says it’s better to stay inside your vehicle when there’s a thunderstorm if it’s fully enclosed and comes with a metal stop like that of a minivan. When you’re inside the vehicle, make sure to avoid using radio communications as well as other electronic devices.

Are you safe inside the house during the storm?

You will be safe inside your house during a storm if you follow some basic electrical safety tips. You have to stay away from doors and windows. Before the storm comes, you should unplug your appliances and other electronic devices. You should also avoid getting in contact with plumbing and water such as faucets, baths, and sinks.

Can you talk on the phone during a storm?

You can use cellular phones or cordless phones if you need to make a phone call during a storm.

Should you leave your dog outside during a storm?

If you have pets, you need to bring them inside your home. Chained animals can be struck by lightning if left outside.

What should you do if you find a downed power line?

If you encounter a downed power line, you should move a minimum of 10 feet through small steps, you have to keep your feet together and always on the ground to minimize the possibility of a strong electrical shock.

What should you do if someone else encountered a downed power line?

If you see another person come in direct or indirect contact with a downed power line, you must not touch that person. You will be surely the next victim if you do. You have to call for help right away.

What can you use to move a downed power line?

Stay away from a downed power line. Don’t try to move it using a non-conductive material like wood.

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