electricianIf you want to live a greener lifestyle, electricians suggest you start doing some adjustments with your electrical system. More and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints not only to generate savings but also to help take care and preserve our natural resources. There are many ways to become more eco-friendly. You can start with changing how you consume electricity.

Here is an easy guide you can follow to help you reduce your use of electricity, generate savings, and live a more environment-friendly lifestyle.

1. Change all your lighting fixtures to LED light bulbs as they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs. In fact, it only uses 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity to run for 50,000 hours, while incandescent bulb would need 3,000 kilowatt-hours to run for the same amount of time.

2. Invest in a programmable thermostat to use with your heat pump. This will help set temperature limit; thus, ensuring your heat pump will not continuously work and use electricity or gas to continue heating your home.

3. Make sure you do regular maintenance in all of your major systems in the house, particularly your heating and electrical systems. Ensuring they are always in efficient working condition will not only prevent costly repairs and replacements, but this will also help ensure these systems will not use more electricity than they are intended to use. Work with a certified and trained professional to help you in properly maintain your heat pumps and electrical wiring systems.

4. When purchasing appliances, choose the ones with an Energy Star rating. These appliances are certified to use less electricity. If you have the budget, replace all your appliances with energy-star rated ones. Otherwise, you can start with those that use up the most electricity such as your refrigerator and washing machine.

5. Have a certified and trained electrician Myrtle Beach evaluate your home’s electricity use and electrical system. With the evaluation’s results, you will be able to devise a more efficient plan with your electrician on how you can reduce your use of electricity.

6. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Lighting fixtures use the most electricity when you leave them switched on even when no one is inside a room. Or you can also consider investing in light switch timers, which automatically turns your lights on or off at the time you have programmed.

7. Electrical contractors also said that you should always shut down and unplug electronics that you do not use. Do not let them go into sleep mode or leave them plugged in because they still consume electricity in those states.

8. Replace all your AC adaptors with smart power strips. You should know that AC adaptors use part of the current that it passes through your electronics; thus, adding more work to your electrical system. Power strips, on the other hand, has its own switch to allow you to turn off all the plugs at the same time without having to constantly pull each of them out at night and then plug them back in the morning.

9. Opt to dry some of your clothes using a clothes line, especially when it is windy or sunny outside.

10. Use ceiling or whole-house fans to help circulate the warm air throughout a room. This will help lessen the load of your heat pump.

11. Install an alternative source of energy to power up your home’s electrical system. Because more and more are opting to choose a greener lifestyle, there are many available options for alternative energy source that you can install in your home. Technology advancements also help improve these alternative energy sources. The most commonly used options are photovoltaic and solar panels. But you can also use wind and water as an alternative source. Seek professional advice for the best and most suitable alternative energy source to be used in your area.

12. Use portable solar chargers for your gadgets. According to the experts, your electrical gadgets – primarily your smart phones, tablets, and iPods – use up a lot of electricity since you plug them in and charge them on a daily basis. Using solar chargers, however, could help significantly reduce your use of electricity. Plus, you can charge whenever and wherever, at your own convenient time and place. There’s no need to constantly look for an outlet where you can plug your devices in.

13. If you are planning a home renovation, have your local electrical contractor conduct a renovation on your electrical and wiring systems as well. Work with your contractors to plan the best position of your house that will allow you to make use natural lighting and ventilation. Ensure that energy efficiency is among the top priorities when devising your renovation plans.

14. Check your home’s insulation system. Make sure your house is sealed entirely and securely. Gaps in the windows and doors as well as holes in the walls are exit points for the warm air to go out. As a result, this makes your heat pump work harder – and uses more energy or gas – to warm your house.

15. Seek professional assistance from your heat pump contractor in installing proper insulation for your water heater. This helps to keep your water warmer for a longer time; thereby, lessening the work – and energy consumption – of your water heater.

16. Use traditional methods of cleaning instead of using the automatic machines. For example, instead of using your vacuum cleaner, use a broom to sweep your floor. Instead of your automatic swimming pool cleaner, spend time cleaning your swimming pool using your pool net.

17. Plan a landscape design that includes trees and shrubs. These could help shelter your home from strong winds and sunlight. As a result, you won’t have to use your HVAC system more frequently during summer and winter.

There are many other ways to reduce your electricity consumption. The key is thinking green and focusing on energy efficiency. Also, it is important that you work with certified professionals to ensure your family’s safety and security.

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