electricianDue to ongoing changes and technological advancements, many licensed electricians are consistently advising homeowners to consider electrical upgrades. This is especially relevant given the increasing reliance on smartphones, gadgets, laptops, and other electrical devices in our daily lives.

If you’re someone who frequently upgrades to the latest smartphone models as soon as they hit the market, you may be in need of an electrical upgrade. As the number of electrical devices in your home increases, the demand for additional outlets grows.

Additionally, newer smartphone models and gadgets often require outlets that might not be compatible with your current setup. Therefore, it’s not just about adding more outlets, but also about having more advanced outlets to meet the power needs of your devices.

According to professional electricians in Myrtle Beach, here are three vital upgrades that are essential for ensuring your electrical system can handle the technological demands of today:

Electrician Tips About Electrical System Upgrades

Rewire Your Electrical Panel with 3-Wire Circuits

Modern gadgets and devices typically require a 3-prong outlet. Consequently, it’s important to replace your 2-prong outlets with 3-prong ones to efficiently power your devices. Furthermore, rewiring your electrical panel using the 3-wire circuit is crucial. This creates the necessary grounding for new outlets.

electricianYour ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) might not provide adequate protection for newer gadgets, so rewiring is recommended. To enhance protection, consider investing in surge protectors alongside properly grounded outlets. Your local electrician in Myrtle Beach can install this for you.

Install Child-Proof Outlets

For households with children, adding more outlets might raise safety concerns. However, opting for child-proof outlets alleviates these worries. Child-proof outlets require even pressure on all prongs simultaneously for electricity to flow, ensuring that kids won’t get shocked if they insert toys.

This approach surpasses using outlet covers that can be easily removed or limiting outlets in kids’ play areas. Child-proof outlets function similarly to standard ones but have a prong cover that requires simultaneous pressure for electricity to pass through.

Upgrade to Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

This is particularly important in areas prone to moisture exposure, like bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and laundry rooms. Even if your home lacks proper grounding, GFCI outlets can be installed. Upgrading to GFCI outlets offers added protection and peace of mind, as they prevent electrocutions and shocks. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, GFCIs prevent over 200 electrocutions and numerous shocks and burns annually.

These upgrades are essential not only to meet the demands of modern technology but also to ensure the safety of your household. Consulting with a professional electrician, like those at MB Electrician Pros, can guide you in making the right upgrades for your home.

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