electricianAn old house can be easily converted to a more modern house by doing some specific system upgrades with the help of an electrician. You don’t need to move out of your beloved home, purchase a brand new or recently built house, and start anew. If you want to remain in your home for the rest of your life, you can absolutely do so. Just be sure that you keep it updated, especially in terms of is electricity, plumbing, and roofing systems.

These electrical upgrades are necessary to ensure your house will be able to serve its purpose efficiently for as long as possible. Think of these upgrades as investments for the safety and protection of your entire family. Aside from these, you are effectively preventing costly damages, repairs and replacements if you keep your electricity system always updated.

Electrician Tips: Important electrical upgrades you should definitely invest on

1. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s)
These are devices installed to monitor current in circuits. If it detects any uncharacteristic increase or decrease in power, it “interrupts” the flow of the current to prevent the electrical current from leaking. Myrtle Beach electrician says that if it detects the current to stop altogether for a brief period of time for no reason at all, it stops the flow of current as soon as it returns back to prevent ground faults and electrical shock.

GFCIs are often installed in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, near outdoor outlets, in crawl spaces, and in unfinished basements. Basically, GFCI’s are installed anywhere there is a possibility to have contact with water and the ground. According to experts, installing GFCI’s help decrease electrocution accidents by at least 70%. For more convenience, GFCI’s today are can now be installed in the electrical circuit panels to protect circuits throughout the house from ground faults.

2. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI’s)
These work similarly like GFCI’s. The only difference is that they protect from electrical fires instead of ground fault electrocutions. More specifically, it works to detect arcs and, thus, prevent arcing, which can easily cause electrical fires. Industry professionals say arcs are usually a result of damaged or worn out wires that have not been replaced. Incorrect wiring and loose or wet connections have also been found to cause arcs. Call a pro for electrical repairs if needed.

It is important to note that there are normal and not dangerous arcs. These are caused by fluorescent lighting, the use of dimmers and some switches. More advanced and recently developed AFCI’s are manufactured in a way that they are able to tell which are dangerous arcs and which are the normal and safer arcs.

If you have old wiring in your electrical system, it is a must that you install AFCI’s since older wiring are more prone to causing electrical fire. It is required by the National Electric Code that AFCI’s be installed in bedrooms, living and family rooms, and all common rooms frequented and commonly used by the household members.

Installing these devices are critically important not only to have a more modern house; but more so for the safety and protection of your family. Call an electrical system professional now to discuss the installation process. Contact MB Electrician Pros now.

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