electricianAn electrician specializes in all things related to the electrical system. On the other hand, you most likely consider only the surface level of your electrical system. In most cases, homeowners tend to forget that their electrical system is a fundamental aspect of their daily living that lets them live comfortably. Behind your light switches and power outlets, your electrical wiring develops a network responsible for conducting energy in areas in your home where you need to turn the lights on or maybe heat up a stove burner.

But, while the electrical system is all interconnected, the network is divided into smaller sections referred to as circuits. The electrical circuit make sure that even though all your lights are turned on, your range will still get enough consisted power so you can predict how a burner, for instant, will work as you cook your dinner.

The electrical circuits are all connected to the electrical panel, which is also referred to as a breaker box. Every circuit has a specific switch in the pane, called a breaker. Although many electrical problems affect the whole system, others just impact one circuit breaker. Provided below are signs that you need to upgrade your circuit breaker.

Electrician Tips For Circuit Breakers

Frequent Trips

The first indication of a problem with an electrical panel is constant circuit breaker trips. During an ordinary trip, you might hear a pop or a click before the power to a certain section or room of your home turns off. Circuits trip to stop possibly dangerous overloads that can damage your system or develop unsafe conditions. But, if a certain circuit constantly trips, you most likely have a bigger underlying issue. You need the assistance of an electrician to determine if these regular trips have happened because of a defective circuit, a wiring issue, or perhaps the need to install more circuits to effectively distribute the electrical load that your home needs.

Hot Parts

Whenever you touch the surface of your electrical panel, they should all have the same temperature. If one circuit has started to fail, that circuit as well as the material around it will be hot to the touch. If you notice that your circuit breaker feels warm to the touch, then you need to call an electrician in Myrtle Beach right away before you reset the circuit breaker.

Unexplained Trips

If you overload your electrical system, then your circuit breaker is bound to trip. However, if your system is not overloaded but the circuit breaker still constantly trips then you might have a bad breaker. Get in touch with MB Electrician Pros to help you fix this problem.

Singed Areas

If electricity is not correctly contained or grounded, you will notice sparks flying whenever power jumps from one component to another. Whenever you reset your circuit breaker, the process must be as easy as changing the position of the switch. In case the breaker flips back right away, remains in the center, or will not budget from its “off” position, call an emergency electrician to service your broken circuit breaker right away.

Unpleasant Odors

Electrical problems are usually accompanied by distinct odors. In case your breaker has been severely damaged or has failed because of a problem that encourages sparks, you might likely smell something burning whenever you open the electrical panel. Be very careful when resetting or inspecting a circuit breaker that comes with a smell like this. Even if you do not see signs of sparks or feel any hot surfaces, call a residential electrician right away.

Call MB Electrician Pros if you need to have your circuit breakers replaced.

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