electricianYour electrician can help ensure your electrical system is up to date and in tip top shape. On the other hand, he cannot always protect you and the rest of your family from electrical shock and other similar and related problems. This is why electricians do not get tired of sharing tips and guiding homeowners on how to effectively use and take care of their electrical systems to prevent and avoid these deadly electrical emergencies.

Here are some of the basic things that you can do to ensure you and your family’s safety from electrical shock and other similar problems. Keep these in mind and work with your electrician Myrtle Beach to effectively avoid these electrical emergencies and preserve you and your family’s safety.

1. Cover wall outlets
If you have young children and pets in the family, you should definitely consider covering your wall outlets. This is particularly essential in the rooms and areas of the house where your kids and pets play. When outlets are covered, this will prevent the kids from sticking their toys – which may include metal parts – inside the socket as part of their play. Remember that doing so can quickly lead to an electrical shock.

If you have not done so already, you should consider having your electrical contractor replace all the outlets in your house to three-pronged ones. This specific type of outlet has an inner covering in all of its slots and it will only start to function – allowing electrical current to flow through – when these coverings are pushed at the same time. Thus, when toddlers try to stick their toys in one of the slots, no electric current will flow through.

2. Avoid using damaged appliance
If any of your electrical appliances is damaged, inform everyone in the household to stop using it until it is repaired. You should know that damaged electrical appliances are prone to emitting sparks which may cause tiny bolts of electricity to travel through the person using the appliance. As a result, the person may experience an electrical shock. Immediately bring the damaged appliance to its manufacture for repair or have it replaced at once. A common sign that your appliance is damaged aside from failure to operate is when its wires are frayed, exposed or cut.

3. Learn more about how your electrical system operates
It is important that you know how your electrical system is set up and how it operates as this will help you to more effectively use it and to better take care of it. Primarily, you should know where to safely plug in your power tools should you need to use them if you do not have outlets in your garage or backyard. You should also know how much wattage your electrical system can handle to allow you to use the appropriate and most compatible light bulbs for your lamps. As a result, you avoid overloading your electrical system, which can lead to problems and repairs. Work with your electrical contractor to learn more about how your electrical system operates. MB Electrician Pros is always ready to provide guidance and assistance to homeowners regarding their electrical systems.

4. Do not overload your outlets
Overloading your outlets basically means plugging in too many appliances in one outlet. Remember that each outlet has a specific amount of wattage that flows through it. Plugging too many appliances and gadgets in a single outlet may cause it to overheat, blow a fuse and start an electrical fire.

You will know when you are starting to overuse your outlet if you often use several extension cords or power strips in a single outlet. If you find yourself in a similar situation, have your electrician install additional outlets in the house so you can maximize your use of electricity without putting you and your family’s safety at risk.

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