electricianIt is important to understand the function of your circuit panel before you can determine if it needs to be replaced. Its function is contained in its name. Here are a few things your electrician wants you to know.

How Does It Work?

Circuit breaker panels are used to cut off power when there is a danger of overload. This prevents power spikes that could damage your appliances, or worse–start an electric fire in your home.


You may just need to repair your circuit breaker panel, even if it trips a lot. These steps will help you determine if repairs are necessary or whether a replacement is required. You can also call a Myrtle Beach electrician to check the situation.

Electrician Tips: How to check a circuit breaker

Step 1: Locate your circuit breaker panel. They are usually found in a basement or utility closet.

Step 2: Find the breaker that is causing the trippage and try to figure out which circuit it covers in your home. You might find a circuit directory near or on the panel. This will help you in Step 3.

Step 3: Unplug any appliances that keep tripping the circuit’s breaker.

Step 4: Turn the breaker to “On” and then go back to step 4. If the breaker doesn’t switch between “On” and “Off”, it needs to be replaced.

If you can switch the breaker to “On”, one of the following issues will happen.

What causes a circuit breaker to trip?

Issue 1: The breaker will return to the “Off” position almost immediately. This means that the breaker must be replaced or that a short circuit will need to repaired.

Issue 2: Although the breaker will not trip immediately, it will trip once you have started plugging in your appliances and running them. This means that the breaker is shorted or there’s an overload. If an appliance or combination thereof is pulling more power at once than the circuit breaker allows, it could be called overload.

An electrician can help you if there is an electrical overload. A dedicated circuit is required for appliances such as water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dishwashers.

No matter if you need to replace the circuit breaker panel or not, an electrician is your best choice to protect your home and prevent any potential dangers. If necessary, they can perform electrical repair or install a new circuit panel.


Circuit breaker panels are built to last for many years. However, sometimes breakers fail due to overheating or old age. Sometimes, intense summer heat can cause damage to panels. During this situations, you will need breaker box repair.

What are the Signs of a Bad Brewer?

When you touch the breaker, it is hot.

A burning smell is produced by the electrical panel or breaker. If you notice this, turn off the main electricity to your home immediately. Call an electrician.

You can see wear and physical damage. This could be melted wires, frayed wires, or scorch marks around an outlet or breaker. These signs should be immediately reported to the circuit administrator.

The breaker trips constantly

You can rest assured that your circuit panel is working properly. This panel protects your home from electrical overloads and fire damage.

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