Electrician Guide OutletIf you are considering making your kitchen more efficient and functional, you should set up a meeting with your local electrician. The kitchen could be the busiest room in the house if you and your family are fond of home cooking. Aside from being an area where food is prepared, however, some kitchens also function as a meeting area and/or a dining area. It can also be a place where kids could study or do their homework so their mothers can watch over them while fixing them a snack. Indeed, homeowners are finding more and more different ways to use their kitchens.

To be able to support its multi-functions, a kitchen should have different electrical outlets as well. Keep in mind that most of your gadgets, kitchen tools, and appliances are electrically powered. Thus, you need to not only ensure that you have more than enough outlets throughout your kitchen but that you have a variety of outlets that you will possibly need and that they are strategically located so that you won’t have to use extension cords, which is a safety hazard.

Here is a list of clever kitchen outlet ideas that you can consider:

  • Under cabinet outlet strip – If you don’t want to ruin or disrupt your backsplash design by installing an outlet in the middle or one corner of it, you can opt for under cabinet outlet strips. This makes the outlets hidden from view but still easily accessible for your use. Ask your local Myrtle Beach electrician about the most suitable type of outlets that could be installed under your cabinets.
  • Pop-up outlets – You can also have outlets installed on your countertop. The great thing about this is that these outlets can be hidden from view whenever you need to use the entirety of your counter top. The reason for this is because you can have them embedded on your counter top and then make them pop out whenever you need them. There are various designs you can choose from for this particular type of clever kitchen outlet.
  • Island outlets– If you have a kitchen island and you want to make it more electrically functional, have your local electrician install outlets on its sides. Make sure these outlets have safety covers not only to preserve the pristine design of your kitchen island but also to ensure your children’s safety in case they accidentally insert their finger on the outlet when grabbing on to your kitchen island.

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