electricianOne of the important responsibilities that a homeowner has is to hire a local residential electrician to do a complete home inspection regularly. An electrical inspection is required by many insurance companies as well as before you buy or sell a house. Aside from this, you also need to undergo electrical home inspections regularly to make sure your electrical system is up to date and that your home is safe from any electrical problems and dangers.

Keep in mind that wires age along with your house. And if your house was built a couple of decades ago without undergoing an electrical update, it is probably time to have a professional look at and check your electrical system. This is especially true if your family’s electrical needs are growing.

The best thing about doing regular electrical inspections, aside from ensuring your system and wires are up to date, is that you will be able to detect electrical problems early before they develop into more severe problems that may put you and your family’s safety at risk. This is why residential electrician Myrtle Beach strongly recommends going through yearly electrical inspections so that you are always a step ahead any dangerous electrical problems.

What happens in an electrical home inspection?

There are different areas that an electrical contractor will look at to be able to do a thorough inspection of your electrical system.

Outside your home

  • Electrical hazards can most often be detected outside your home. This is why this is usually the first place your electrical contractor will go to conduct an inspection. Generally, they will go to your electrical panel outside your home and check for any exposed wires connected to the panel. Wires can be exposed when the insulation is damaged or frayed due to various weather conditions. When a wire is exposed, it is at high risk of getting in contact with water, which can seep further into your main electrical panel.
  • Aside from wires and your electrical panel, all your outdoor outlets should also be inspected. All of them should be GFCI outlets, especially the ones that are placed in areas that are near water sources and are exposed to water.

Inside your home

There are many areas in the home that your electrical contractor will inspect to check the efficiency of your electrical system.

1. Outlets and switches – All outlets in your home should be the grounded three-pronged types as they have proven to be safer and more energy efficient. Aside from this, the electrical contractor will also check the performance of your outlets to determine if they need replacing. They will conduct tests to find out whether the appliances that you plug in your outlets receive sufficient electricity and if there are sparks and signs of burning.

2. Type of wiring – Your Myrtle Beach electrician will also check what type of wiring you are using in your home. Primarily, the contractor will ensure that all your wires are not aluminum as this is a dangerous fire hazard. Homes that were built in the 1960’s use aluminum for their electrical system. If your house was built at the same time and you haven’t gone through an electrical system upgrade in the recent years, it is likely that you are still using aluminum wiring. Your contractor will be able to confirm this by looking behind switches and outlet plates.

3. Wiring in attic, basement and utility room – These areas are highly vulnerable to leaks and mold problems. Therefore, the wiring in these areas also prone to the damages from leaks and mold. Your contractor will have to inspect these areas to make sure your wiring is still in good working condition.

4. Electrical panels – Electrical contractors will also want to check your electrical panels to make sure they are in proper working condition and that they are efficient in supplying electricity throughout your home. Your electrical panels should not be overcrowded with wires. If so, you will need to install another electrical panel or undergo an electrical system upgrade.

The results of the inspection will help you determine what areas in your house need an upgrade or if you need a complete electrical upgrade. Work with your electrical contractor in identifying the best and safest option for you. Call MB Electrician Pros and speak with their electrician.

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