Are you a local electrician in Myrtle Beach?

Do you have the capacity to add 5-10 new customers each month?

If you answered yes – the MB Electrician Pros may be just what you need.

Electriciansmyrtlebeach.com is a lead generation website.

The phone number on the site is forwarded directly to you – AND YOU ONLY. Unlike Home Advisor who sends leads to 5 electricians and the customer is bombarded with calls – we utilize one electrician and the customer deals directly with you.


We don’t blame you.

Task us for a test drive.

 For the next two weeks we will forward all potential customers to you. At the end of the two weeks you make the decision if the service is worth the investment.

MB Electrician Pros is maintained by Business Training Team. We have been serving Myrtle Beach since 2010. We are local and reliable. No sales gimmicks – just straight business.

Could you use help growing your business? One of our partners is Jeff Woodward, a trained business coach. As one of our clients you can call him any time to schedule a meeting to discuss how you can increase your bottom line. At NO charge to you.

This is a great opportunity for your business. Complete the form below and we will schedule a time to sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities. Or call or text Jeff Woodward at 843-997-0239.

Keep in mind that only ONE electrician will be added to this site so now is the time to act.

Not an electrician but would like this same service for your business?

Call us at 843-997-0239

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