ElectricianThe weather is starting to look like spring again. Are you thinking ahead to summer and great backyard parties? If you are planning to install outdoor outlets our lights, make sure you hire a licensed and certified electrician to do the job. Outdoor outlets and lighting offers utmost convenience especially if you have a patio or open deck where you often entertain guests and host dinner or barbecue parties.

It is also convenient when you need to use your power tools outside. Outdoor electrical outlets eliminate the need to use a long extension or power cords for you to plug in your drill gun. Keep in mind that it is not safe to use long extension cords running through your house to provide electricity for your power tools.

These are considered dangerous and a safety hazard as they don’t only cause falling and tripping accidents but they can also accidentally electrocute someone stepping or tripping over them.

Why Is There a Need To Hire a Licensed Electrician?

To prevent this from happening, you will need to hire a licensed and certified electrician Myrtle Beach to install your outdoor outlets. Even if you know you could easily install an outlet outside your house, it is still important that you hire a professional. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  1. Proficiency in installing GFCI outdoor outlets — GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is extremely important to ensure all your outdoor outlets will not leak electricity through the ground and through you. Don’t forget that outdoor outlets are most often exposed to water sources including your swimming pools rainwater puddles, and continuous rainfalls.

Thus, they are most prone to cause the unexpected increase in electrical current that could leak through the ground and reach you or any member of your family. Having your local electrician install a GCFI for all your outdoor outlets will prevent these issues.

  1. Ensuring all safety precautions are implemented — There are certain standard safety requirements that licensed and certified electrical contractors know and strictly follow. Furthermore, you can be sure that a professional electrician will implement other safety precautions while installing your outdoor outlets. These other safety precautions include outlet covers to prevent water from accidentally getting inside when it is not in use.

Although it may be easy to install outdoor outlets on your own, it is important that you hire licensed professionals because they have the necessary experience and skills to ensure that standard safety features are met.

Keep in mind that inappropriate installation of outdoor outlets could lead to a lot of dangerous accidents including electrical fires. Thus, you will need to hire licensed emergency electrician to ensure your family’s safety.

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