electricianNatural disasters and severe storms can lead to different electrical safety hazards in and around residential properties. Downed power lines, lightning, and floods are only a few of the serious safety issues linked with storms. Unfortunately, a lot of these electrical safety hazards stay even after the storm has passed. To protect you from all these, here are some common storm safety precautions given by professional and experienced electricians.


If you are caught outside while there is a lighting storm, it is best to move to a low point. Lightning always hits the tallest available objects. So, if you are in an exposed area, be sure to get down and remain in a crouched position. You should also stay away from trees and avoid holding on to metal items like golf clubs, bats, fishing rods, and the like. Electricians Myrtle Beach also say to stay far away from the water and if you are with other people, be sure to spread out, instead of standing close to each other.

Downed Power Line

If you encounter a downed power line, what you need to do is say away from it. Move at least 10 feet away from the power line and don’t touch it. Shuffle away from the line with small steps while keeping your feet together and on the ground at all times. This will less the possibility of a strong shock. Do not touch the person who is in direct or indirect contact with the downed power line. Don’t driver over a downed power line.

Flooded Areas

Be very careful when stepping into flooded areas. If you need to go to the basement, take extra precautions. There might be submerged electrical cords or outlets that could energize water, which could be lethal for you.

Important Reminders From Electricians

Electricians Myrtle Beach also reminds homeowners not to use their electrical appliances that may have been wet until it has been examined thoroughly by a professional. These things could be very dangerous if re-energized without the right replacement or reconditioning.

Your home’s electrical system could also malfunction if they get wet during the flood. Fuses, circuit breakers, receptacles, plugs, switches, and ground fault circuit interrupters could malfunction if they get wet. If they have been submerged, it is better to discard them. It is also ideal to call a professional electrician to replace them.

In case your electrical appliances got wet even though your home didn’t get flooded, the same rules apply. You should not use them until they have been examined by a qualified and reputable electrical contractor. Water could cause great damage to the motors of the electrical appliances, like freezers, furnaces, washing machines, refrigerators, and so on.

Regardless of what caused the flood, may it be storm water or leaky pipes, you need to have your electrical appliances examined by a service repair dealer or an electrician.

Call MB Electrician Pros if you need help in checking your home’s electrical system after a flood.

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