electrical fireElectrical fires are not that uncommon. Older households, in general, are more prone to this phenomenon. However, this does not exempt newer houses from electrical fires. There are plenty of ways how to prevent electrical fires from happening in the first place. On the other hand, what to do when an electrical fire breaks out is often not highlighted. It is essential to know just what to do during these instances. You can refer to your local electrician for help. However, you can also follow the list below for an immediate response.

What to do in case of an electrical fire

1. Do not panic – the last thing that you should do is panic. It’s not easy to stay calm during times of emergency, however, you should do your best to remain as calm as possible. Panicking will only worsen the issue at hand. Professionals such as MB Electrician Pros advise people to stay calm and call the experts immediately after finding electrical issues at home.
2. Cut off the power to the affected area – the next thing that you should do is cut off the power. Go directly to your electrical panel and find which circuit breaker is connected to the affected area. This is where staying calm really matters the most. To prevent the issue from escalating, be sure to cut off the power through the main panel.
3. Never use water to extinguish the fire – it can be tempting to put out an electrical fire with water when a fire extinguisher is not readily available. However, do not attempt to put out electrical fires with water. You will only exacerbate the problem at hand.
4. Call an emergency electrician – your best bet at preventing the issue from happening again is by calling an electrician. You might want to have your wiring checked out and other electrical areas of your home.

Hiring an electrician in Myrtle Beach means finding out the exact cause of the fire and stopping it from happening again.

What to do to prevent electrical fires

  • Unplug heat-producing appliances after use – there are a bunch of heat-producing appliances that we use on a daily basis. Your electrician would generally alert against maintaining them plugged in.
  • Use extension cords only temporarily – not all extension cords are the same. Some are heavy-duty and others are for lighter applications. Nonetheless, no matter the type of extension cord you might have, they ought to never ever be utilized as your primary power electrical outlet.
  • Don’t remove ground connectors from plugs – there’s actually a good purpose for the 3rd prong on power cables. They work as power surge protection. The 3rd prong is, in fact, the ground that routes electricity away from your electric gadgets when a surge takes place.
  • Consider upgrading your home’s wiring – if you reside in a fairly old home, chances are, the circuitry within is additionally dated. With more recent tools as well as appliances, your old circuitry may not be enough to deal with the lots. It is necessary to employ an electrical contractor to have your wiring updated.
  • Use appliances appropriately – house appliances feature guidelines on exactly how to use them. This is to guarantee that the item is utilized carefully and also appropriately. There have been instances where some individuals misuse home appliances, which leads to dire circumstances.

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