electricianFor minor remodeling and electrical upgrades, less is more. This means that you should not mess with existing wiring or fixtures unless you’re a professional electrician.

You should replace anything that is dangerous or poorly wired. It is worth looking for ways to simplify the process if you only need to add one or two lights. There are many ways to add or remove outlets and lights that are easy. These tips are also easy to do without an electrician Myrtle Beach.

Find an Outlet on the Other Side if You’re in Search of One

It is easy to see a room as though it were a separate space. However, an interior wall is just framing and two layers (or plaster) of drywall.

The walls have electrical wiring that can be accessed from both sides. If you want to add an outlet or receptacle to a room without nearby outlets, make sure to check the opposite wall. To tap into an outlet or light switch, cut a hole in a wall to access it.

Electrician Tips: Ceiling lights can be moved without running more wire

Sometimes, ceiling lights don’t go where you want them. You may be surprised at how far you can move a ceiling lamp without having to run new wires or add more wires.

There is often some movement in the electrical cables in your attic. You can increase the movement range by removing some staples that attach the electrical cable to the framing. After you have moved the fixture, make sure to attach the cable again with staples.

To add new fixtures, open up closed boxes

These boxes are easy to overlook: they are often covered up or painted over. They are so common in our daily lives, we don’t even notice them. They don’t have to be an inconvenience. They can actually be useful for extending outlets or lighting.

Junction boxes often have live power. That’s why the cover is necessary. Covers for boxes containing wiring should be able to cover the box while still being accessible. You can remove the cover and check the voltage of the wiring with a non-contact tester. They detect the voltage through the wire insulation so you do you not have to touch any exposed wire ends.

Repurpose remodel or old work electrical boxes as required

Old work boxes are also known as remodel or cut-in boxes and can be used after the ceiling or wall drywall has been installed. To secure the box, they have flip-up ears as well as bending tabs that fit snugly to the back drywall. Simply cut a hole to fit the box. Then insert the cable into the box and slide the box in. Finally, tighten the screws to secure the tabs or ears to the drywall. This will save you the time and effort of drilling a large hole through the ceiling or wall to install the standard box against the framing.

Get a homeowner’s electrical exam and save money

It’s not uncommon to do non-permitted electrical work at home. You don’t need a permit for small jobs like adding an outlet. For more complicated electrical work like installing subpanels or adding new circuits, you will most likely need a permit. Permits usually require that you work with an electrician licensed.

In some areas, however, homeowners are legally allowed to do their own electrical work, and they can get approved and permitted. This is possible with an electrical exam. Although it is not a common practice, it is becoming more popular.

The homeowner pays a small fee to take the test. The homeowner then takes a test that usually includes 10-20 questions at the permitting office. You can save money by doing the work yourself if you are qualified. An electrical contractor is a good choice if you aren’t qualified.

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