electricianThis weather has been great and I am sure you have been thinking about the upcoming summer and great outdoor entertaining.  Here in Myrtle Beach, our patios and decks are really designed to be an extension or our living space with comfortable furniture, maintenance free flooring and often include a fireplace.  When you are planning to upgrade or expand your outdoor living area, you will want to consult with a Myrtle Beach electrician to ensure your area is functional and safe. You will want to forget about extension cords and make sure that you are permanently wiring your outdoor lighting project and that your outdoor space is designed to be hassle free. A Myrtle Beach electrical specialist can ensure your summer fun will last into the night.

What Types of Outdoor Lighting Does a Myrtle Beach Electrician Recommend?

As a general rule, the outdoor area will need less light than your indoor living space.  You have the light of the sun by day and the glow of the stars and moon to provide ambiance at night.  A Myrtle Beach electrical expert says the places you will want to ensure that you have proper lighting are the stairs, around the edge of the deck and you will probably want a fixture that can be used for overhead or spot lighting.  When considering the exact lighting fixtures to use, you will want to take into consideration the layout and style or your patio or deck area.  If your deck has an overhead feature such as an awning, gazebos or a lanai it will be easy for an electrician Myrtle Beach to wire them for overhead lighting. Solar lighting is a great way to provide soft lighting that also adds to the atmosphere.  You can line a garden path or around the pool with solar lamps with help from your Myrtle Beach electrical contractor.  This lighting alternative is available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and will provide light for most of the evening hours. Another great place where a you can seek assistance is with lighting around a pool or hot tub area. You will want to make sure that the pool area is clearly defined when the sun goes down.  This is especially true where children are concerned.  Never assume that because your pool has a light installed inside that people can see where the pool begins and ends.

What Other Areas Can A Myrtle Beach Electrician Assist You?

Even though we have had some great warm days, it still cools down quickly when the sun goes down.  Adding outdoor heaters can help start the outdoor living season earlier and have it last well into the fall.  You can choose from a wall mounted model which is usually hard wired into your electrical system or a floor mounted unit which will have a cord.  With either alternative you will want to use a Myrtle Beach electrical specialist to ensure that the heaters are installed properly and are safe for your guests. Another way to stretch the use of your outdoor area is installing outdoor ceiling fans. This will keep the breeze flowing in the summer and help to detract mosquitoes and bugs. You will definitely want to look for a durable model that can withstand high winds and are encased against moisture. Take a look at the article on ceiling fans. Myrtle Beach electrical specialists suggest that you put in wiring for a small refrigerator.  This will keep your refreshments and perishable foods always available.  You may also want to wire your patio for electric burners if your grill does not include a gas burner to the side.  Extra outlets can be used for other appliances such as blenders for your summer tropical drinks.  If you are doing the wiring yourself and not using Myrtle Beach electrician, you will want to make sure that you use an outdoor rated plug.

Placing the refrigerator in a secure cabinet is also a good idea especially if there are children around and you store alcoholic beverages in the refrigerator. An can help you design a comfortable and functional space for all your outdoor entertaining.  From overhead lighting, to a functional outdoor kitchen to heaters and stairway lighting, your deck will be a fun and cozy place for family and friends well past sunset.

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