ElectricianHeating systems distribute warm air throughout buildings, but certain rooms might have cold spots or require additional heat. Space heaters are a great way of increasing heat. However, they can also cause fires, shocks, or injury. Many people will become complacent about their safety and forget to take proper safety precautions when using space heaters. Here are some space heater safety tips from an expert electrician that will help you stay safe and warm during the cold season.

Space Heaters and Fires

Your safety is paramount to the safety of space heaters. Fire caused by space heaters are responsible for 15% of all house fires, and can cause property damage in the millions. Incorrect placement of space heaters causes about 10,000 fires each year. The third most common cause of heating equipment fires that result in death is when objects like bedding, curtains and furniture are too close to the heater. Space heaters are always dangerous and should be monitored.

Tips From A Professional Electrician

There are many options for space heaters, including electric, gas and kerosene. While all types of space heaters have the same safety guidelines, each type has its own operating and electrical safety requirements.

Space heaters should be at least three feet from any other objects. Children and pets should follow this 3-foot rule

* Position the unit in an area with little foot traffic.

Place the unit on a stable, flat surface so it doesn’t tip over if it is bumped. It should not be placed on any surface that can catch fire or is unstable.

When you aren’t using the device, such as when moving into a new room or going to bed, turn it off.

  • * Choose a heater that has safety features, such as a thermostat or overheat protection. If the unit tips, it will automatically shut off.
  • * Keep the area well ventilated. Check that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work.
  • * Choose a unit that is appropriately sized for the heating area.
  • * Make sure to educate your family members and anyone else who uses the unit about proper operation.
  • * Make sure you use the correct fuel for gas or kerosene. The wrong fuel could ignite a fire.

These are additional safety concerns regarding electric heaters

* Only use a unit that has been tested and certified by a recognized laboratory. The laboratory logo (e.g. UL or ETL) should be visible on the cords or units.

Extension cords should not be used with electric space heaters. Extension cords might not be able adequately to power the unit, increasing the risk of electrical fire, shock, and overheating.

When the unit is turned on, make sure to check plugs and outlets. The plug should fit snugly in the outlet. Turn the unit off if the plug or outlet is too hot.

Cords should not be run under furniture or rugs. Overheating cords can lead to a fire.

If you are wet, do not touch the device. It can cause shock. Avoid placing the unit near water sources, bathrooms, or basements.

Ask a licensed electrician to inspect your space heater’s power source if you have concerns. For more information on space heater usage, call the licensed electrician Myrtle Beach today. These tips will help you keep your loved ones warm and safe.

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