Electrician Myrtle BeachAccording to the National Hurricane Center, 2008 was the last recorded major hurricane on the east coast. If the weather patterns in the US in the last few months are any indication, they might be right. We might be overdue for a major one anytime. If you live near coastal waters just like in Myrtle Beach, here are a couple of electrician-approved points you need to understand in order to think appropriately and prepare properly for a hurricane.

What to do?

To start with, you must understand that storm surge generally triggers the most damage, in addition to high winds and flooding. Hurricane season is from June to November so you must have some preparations set in place. Hurricanes can be very costly and hazardous, so if you are a homeowner, read on to discover ideas to help you avoid or minimize damage to your home. Every hurricane preparation is different but that there are many things you can do to make it more effective.

Your Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

  1. Make a list of things that would have to be done around the house.

This might consist of things like taking stock of all your outdoor furniture and furnishings that have to be brought within during high winds. Loose items like tools or perhaps a child’s toy can become flying debris and seriously hurt somebody.

  1. Trim or cut back trees and bushes.

This can seriously minimize the damage done by falling trees and branches during a storm.

Inspect to be sure your rain gutters and drains are without debris so that they are flowing easily in case of torrential rains from a hurricane.

  1. Buy shutters for your windows that are made just for hurricane-vulnerable locations.

These shutters use excellent defense to your windows. Simply taping your windows will NOT keep them from breaking during high winds. If shutters are not an option, then plywood over the outside of the glass can assist.

  1. Have an evacuation strategy prepared.

Ensure that family members understand which course of action to take if there is a need to evacuate. Contact your regional Red Cross to discover where the shelters are in your area throughout a hurricane.

Keep blankets and sleeping bags in a location that’s easy to obtain to in case you have to evacuate in a rush. Make certain your family pets are taken care of. Think of exactly what they will require and plan ahead.

  1. Purchase a generator.

If you ever find yourself in a situation without power, you will be thankful you have a generator! They can keep your fridge running and provide more power for televisions and computer. Move items from the floor to a higher area in case of water damage.

  1. Think about investing in whole-house surge security.

This needs to be done by a qualified electrician, be reminded that it can literally save you thousands of dollars if your house were to be struck by a lightning. A basic retail power strip will not get the job done. If you have an electrical appliance such as televisions, computers, and phones, professional electricians recommend whole-house surge protection.

Remember, we see individuals hurrying around at the last minute when we know a hurricane is approaching. The best approach is to be prepared. Understanding where and how you will evacuate could not only save you time and money, it will even save your life.

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