emergency electricianMany homeowners call a Myrtle Beach emergency electrician to have an electrician come to their homes to inspect a damaged electrical outlet. Some homeowners find it frustrating when an outlet does not work properly. This is especially true if it worked fine in the past or if other outlets are working in the same area. They don’t realize that it could indicate a larger electrical problem. It’s a good thing they called their electrician immediately.

Myrtle Beach emergency electrician says the electrical problem could be:

Tripped GFCI outlet

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlet, or GFCI, is a special outlet that shuts off electricity flow when it senses an abrupt change in the flow. These outlets should be located near the sink or water source, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, and yards.

If a GFCI outlet is energized or detects a change in electricity flow, it will turn off the power and cause all other outlets to cease working. This safety feature protects you against electric shock. Resetting the GFCI outlet can help you if an outlet stops working in your kitchen or bathroom.

Circuit breaker that trips

A trip of a single circuit breaker can cause an outlet to stop functioning. If the outlet isn’t working, but it is not in close proximity to any GFCI outlets then check your circuit breaker for any faulty breakers. This could be any breaker that has the knob turned to the opposite side or in the middle.

You can call your emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach if you are unsure of what to look for. MB Electrician Pros can help you diagnose and fix your problem.

Old outlets

An older outlet can also cause electrical outlets to stop working. Outlets older than 10 years are more likely to fail, just like all other appliances.

You can replace your outlet with a brand new one if this is the reason for the problem. While this is possible for any homeowner to do, it is highly recommended that homeowners hire professionals to replace their outlets. As a safety measure, it might be worth replacing the outlets with GFCI versions.

If the outlet does not work after you have checked your GFCI outlets, or circuit breaker, and it is relatively new then there may be a bigger problem. Professional electrician might be required.

MB Electrician Pros is available to assist you.

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