electricianContrary to what most homeowners believe, there are other parts of your electrical system that can cause fire aside from overloaded circuits and frayed extension cords. These other fire dangers are not easily seen by a homeowner but they are equally dangerous in causing electrical fires. Electricians provided some signs to help you find these fire dangers in your electrical system.

  • Signs of inadequate electrical power – If your home is more than 50 years old, you may still have fuses that are designed for about 30 amps of electrical power. Considering today’s technological advances, these would no longer be sufficient for all your electrical gadgets and appliances. For these, you need fuses designed for at least 200 amps of power.
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers – When your circuit breakers are tripping frequently, it is time for you to replace your fuses or have a local electrician check your electrical system. One of the reasons for frequent tripping is when you use lots of electrical cords. To prevent electrical fires, lessen the use of electrical cords or don’t use them at all. Or better yet, call your local electrician to check on your breaker and provide some advice on how to resolve this problem.
  • Use of aluminum wiring – Another thing that comes with an old house is aluminum wiring. This is now considered a fire hazard by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as it corrodes and oxidizes more easily than copper. According to professional emergency electricians, aluminum wires could easily overheat and set older homes on fire. To prevent this, you can have your local electrician to install copper connectors at your wiring receptacles and breakers.
  • A breach in wiring – When there is a breach in your electrical wiring, the electric current tends to veer off its path; thus, causing an arc fault and eventually an electrical fire. You may be unknowingly creating these breaches in your wiring by hanging cabinets or furniture through a cord.
  • Use of counterfeit electrical products – If you think you’re saving money by buying low-priced extension cords, circuit breakers, power strips, night lights and other electrical products, you need to think again. These products are very low priced often because they are counterfeits and, thus, highly dangerous as they often have speaker wires which could melt very easily. If you need electrical products, seek recommendations from your local electrician or buy only from reputable retailers and manufacturers. The added cost is truly worth your family’s safety.


Top Reasons Why Homeowners Call A Professional Electrician


There are many different reasons why a professional electrician Myrtle Beach is often called for an emergency home service. It is helpful to learn about these common reasons so that you’ll know when you need to call an electrical contractor for assistance.

1. Fixing circuit breakers that tripped – Circuit breakers are important parts of your home’s electrical system. This is what protects your wires from overheating due to overuse. It also helps prevent electrical fires which can easily start from overheated electrical wires. If your circuit breakers tripped, it means your house would have burned had you not had circuit breakers. Do not do anything, unless you have professional experience. All you need to do in such instances is to call in your electrical contractor.

2. Ensuring renovations are up to electrical code – There are certain rules and regulations when it comes to home renovation. This is most especially true if you are expanding your home as well as in adding or removing additional rooms. If you’re doing a renovation, make sure it is up to electrical code by hiring a professional electrician. The electrical contractor will look into the system and determine whether there are codes that were not followed.

3. Installing or updating additional lighting – You’ll be surprised at how many homeowners actually call for professional assistance when it comes to installing or updating additional lighting in their kitchens. For some, replacing their lighting is necessary to ensure and maintain proper lighting and illumination. For others, this is actually how they intend to renovate their homes as these additional and more dramatic lighting may actually change the way your home looks.

4. Adding pot and recessed lights – These creative lighting ideas are becoming more and more popular among homeowners because of their ability to provide direct lighting as well as the energy savings they generate. Although, these are easy to install, it’s better to leave it to a certified electrician with sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience.

5. Complete rewiring – Electrical standards often change. If the electrical standards in your area have recently changed, you will need to have a professional look into your electrical system. They will provide you with a recommendation for a complete rewiring if necessary.

6. Basic repairs and general maintenance – While these can be done at home without professional assistance, there are still homeowners who prefer to have a certified electrical contractor do the job. They feel safer and more confident that the job is completed properly and efficiently by hiring professionals.

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