kitchen outletAre you currently considering a kitchen remodel? Then you would need a 15-amp circuit. It is a known fact that even the simplest kitchen remodel could boost a home’s value, particularly that of electrical circuits. With the all the modern kitchen appliance innovation, old houses with old electrical wiring cannot keep up.

Have you seen an old house with a GFCI electrical outlet? No. So this is why electricians recommend upgrading electrical outlets during a kitchen remodel.

According to an electrician, in every electrical upgrade, there should be five to seven circuits to include–

  • 15-amp fundamental lights circuit,
  • 2 20-amp little device circuits,
  • 5 devoted circuits for details home appliances.
  • As a general rule, a device with an electric motor should have its own electrical

Basic Electrical Outlets Needed in Your Kitchen

  1. Fundamental Lighting Circuit – This 120-volt circuit with 15-amp, powers the ceiling appliance, recessed lighting, and also even task lights in the area. When it comes to lighting circuits, there should be a 14-3 and a 14-2 electric cable. However, it all depends on the type of lighting you have in your kitchen, but as a general rule, a 15-amp circuit can accommodate your lighting fixture.
  1. Range Circuit- These circuits should be able to power the range in your brand-new kitchen area. This 240-volt dedicated circuit with 50-amp provides enough electric power to the range or oven with a 6-3 electric cable. Additionally, ranges have unique cables that connect to a specialized range electrical outlet.
  1. Fridge Circuit- Over the years, refrigerator sizes grew bigger and bigger. Apparently, with the size came new features integrated into the appliance such as water dispensers and ice makers. But did you know that these new features consume more electricity than before? So it is only appropriate to delegate a separate circuit for your refrigerator. A specialized 20-amp with a 120-volt circuit is enough to power your refrigerator.
  1. Microwave Circuit- Microwave ovens have also evolved in size and function throughout the years. This led to changes in electrical output which now requires at least 1,200-watts. They call for a specialized 20-amp with a 120-volt circuit, wired with a 12-2 cable with a ground.
  1. Dishwasher Circuit- Dishwashers also need 15-amp, 120-volt circuit while it is wired with a 14-2 cord. Back in the days, this appliance was placed in front of the sink while dishes were cleaned manually.

 Small Devices

For small devices such as toasters, coffee makers, waffle irons and electric pans, you only need small electrical circuits to power them. There must be at least 2 specialized circuits for these kitchen counter and dining electrical outlets. An electrician knows that countertop electrical outlets must not exceed four feet distance from each other.  There is a minimum of 2 20-amp, 120-volt committed circuits, wired with 12-2 and/or 12-3 cord.

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