electricianThe current real estate market in Myrtle Beach is great for home buyers who are looking to purchase a home at a reduced price and then renovate to suit their needs.  Or you may be a homeowner that is electing to remodel or expand your home rather than try and sell your home in a less than optimal market.  More often than not, a remodeling job will require some electrical work.  Some of you reading this article are do-it-yourself craftsman that have the skills to complete these jobs yourself.  Most of us, however, need the skills and training of a Myrtle Beach electrician that has experience.

Can you still save money when hiring a Myrtle Beach electrician?

It all boils down to what you know, who you choose and what you need to have done that will make the difference in the final price.

Tip #1 – Plan to do it yourself? Educate yourself

Electrical projects can get complicated.  If you are going to act as your own Myrtle Beach electrician, you will not only need to know how the house is currently wired, but also know about transformers, safety features and understand the concept of load. In addition to these features that make up an electrical system, you will need to understand basic code.

Even if you plan to hire a Myrtle Beach electrical expert to do the work, you will want to familiarize yourself with the basic terms. By doing a search online you can find out enough about the basics to ask educated questions of your electrician.  If you decide to hire a Myrtle Beach electrical specialist, don’t hesitate to ask questions that will help you to understand what they are doing and why.

Tip #2 Hire The Best

Make sure that the Myrtle Beach electrical expert you hire is a licensed electrician and is insured.  You will save yourself money in the long run by hiring only the best for this important aspect of your renovation project.  Ask for references and then call those references. Look for a Myrtle Beach electrician that have good reviews online and are well connected in the community.

Tip #3 Get Your Myrtle Beach Electrician To Put It In Writing

Always ask for a written quote on any electrical job you need done. This is usually a standard practice with most contractors but not all.  Often electricians that charge by the hour will not provide a written quote.  Avoid any unexpected surprises by getting a quote up front with all the details.

There will be some projects that have an element of the unknown and your Myrtle Beach electrical expert my list in the quote an estimated number of hours.  Make sure this is clearly stated in the quote. Ask that you be informed if the hours are going to exceed the original quote by more than 10%.

Tip #4 Bundle Your Project Tasks

Most electricians will charge travel time for smaller jobs. You can save costs by being ready for the Myrtle Beach electrical contractor when he arrives.  If you have more than one electrical project, try and have them ready so they can be completed in one trip.

You will want to make a list of all the potential repairs and projects that will require an electrician.  Ask your Myrtle Beach electronics technician which projects can be bundled together to save time. If you have projects that are being completed by another contractor, such as a handyman, ask them when they will need an electrician and try and schedule the electrician for more than one project.  It is helpful if you have contractors that work together and they can coordinate the project.  Myrtle Beach Home Services is a group of home service providers that work together for this purpose.

Although electrical projects can be expensive and often complicated, with the right Myrtle Beach electronics technician, a detailed written quote and a little research on your part, you can save money and still have a quality job when the renovation is complete.  Consider bundling your projects by working with vendors that work together such as those on MB Electrician Pros.  This will save you time and aggravation.

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