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Implementing an inspection program in your house periodically and regularly is absolutely necessary if you want to prevent problems, or repair them when it is still easy and early enough. After all, your home’s value and your health and safety sometimes depend on a strict and thorough inspection.

Electricians Myrtle Beach have provided useful maintenance checklists, which are sorted into months and seasons to make it easy to follow and implement.

What you should check in spring:

  • Check the basement or crawlspace, the attic, walls and ceilings for humidity and any damage caused by water.
  • Check the walls for cracks.
  • Check paint in every room – sometimes after harsh winters paint tends to crack, especially if it is not water proof.
  • Check all your doors, windows and frames for cracks.
  • Run a regular maintenance of heating systems so as to have them ready for fall and winter.
  • Check for pests – late spring or early summer is the season when all ants and termites appear, therefore you need to be prepared.

What you should do during summer months:

  • Drain water from water heaters and boilers.
  • Replace water in both.
  • Check the heaters and replace valves if needed.

What you should do in fall:

  • Check the heating and air conditioning systems and if possible replace the filters or other problematic components.
  • Check your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors and if needed change batteries and call the maintenance technician.
  • Check if anti-flooding measures are still in place and intact; check all seals in the doors and windows and do not forget to do the same for the basement
  • Check all cords and cables in the house; some of them might be old and need to be replaced. It is important to do before winter, because during bad weather power instability can cause serious problems in appliances with frayed cords.
  • Check ventilation in heaters and gas suppliers.
  • Check all your plumbing network and drains; leakage is something you really do not want, especially in winter.
  • Inspect the ventilators and water heaters to prevent blockage.

What you should do during winter months:

  • Check the gutters and clean them.
  • Check for leaks in the gutters.
  • Repair the pumps in the house if needed.
  • Make sure that all doors are oiled and tightened.
  • Double check water and power supplies and valves and make sure that they can survive during winter.
  • Check for pests – whatever stays in the house from the fall will live with you all winter if you don’t take care of it.
  • Check the heating system.

Having a monthly or periodical home maintenance checklist can help you take care of everything you have to, on time, avoiding unnecessary drills and frustrations; a well appointed list can also help you keep track of everything.
If you are a seasonal home owner in the Myrtle Beach area, you will want to do these inspections upon your arrival and just before you leave for the season. Make sure to hire an electrical contractor if you have any issues with your electrical system.

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