electrician Myrtle BeachMost homeowners must never try a DIY electrical project unless they have experience in the electrical field. Electricity is not just complex but also dangerous. An electrical job that’s done by an amateur may lead to a poor wire connection, faulty grounding, and even overloaded circuits, which can be hazardous to your home and loved one’s safety. Fortunately, you can hire licensed electricians.

Professional electricians go through extensive training and are always updated with the most recent electrical codes. Rather than risking it, call an expert for assistance in case you notice electrical problems at home or you would like to upgrade the electricity capacity of your home. Listed below are four common services offered by professional electricians Myrtle Beach.

Home Projects Electricians Can Work On

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Your whole home gets electricity thanks to the electrical panels. When you upgrade your appliances, you may have to upgrade your home’s electrical service panels, too, so that enough power can be supplied. Old breaker boxes may lead to electrical problems such as blown fuses and flickering lights.

Hire an electrician if you need help in upgrading your home’s circuit breaker panel, especially if you are adding a new living area or if your house is already old and you notice that your electricity is acting up.

Adding USB Ports, GFCI Receptacles, Outlets

Electricians can also install more electrical outlets in your house or change any of the ones you already have to GFCIs. In most cases, electoral code needs that you have at least once of this type of outlet in your kitchen or bathroom. GFCI works by shutting down the power in case water will come in contact with electricity or if the electrical load becomes unbalanced, which helps prevent electrical shock. But, many older houses don’t have this feature. You also need to make sure that GFCI is installed in your outdoor outlets.

Outdoor Lighting

If you would like to install security lighting or ambient lighting, you should also call a reliable electrician. An electrical contractor could assist you in thread wiring outdoors in case there was none before. The electrician will make sure that the wiring is grounded correctly for the outdoors. Apart from that, an electrical contractor can assist you in selecting lighting that’s designed for outdoor use.

Light Fixture Replacement

A homeowner can change the lighting fixtures. But there are some cases when you need to hire professional help. An electrical contractor will help you in checking the circuit’s amperage and the new fixture’s wattage.

Switch and Outlet Cover Installation

Little electrical knowledge is required when it comes to installing outlet covers and light switches. Changing outlet covers just needs a screwdriver. You just need to make sure that you turn off the power to the area of your home before you begin. If you are not comfortable in doing this, you should call an electrician right away.

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