electricianWhen making a home purchase, professional electricians in Myrtle Beach agree that it is important for you to inspect and take a closer look at the entire property, including every major system inside the house such as the electrical system. Keep in mind that this is a house that you will be living in for the coming years and it is essential that you work to make sure it is in tip top shape.

Benefits of an electrical inspection before purchasing a home

The primary reason for conducting an electrical inspection before you sign the contract is to identify potential problems in the system and issues with the wiring installations. Note that these could pose safety hazards and may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

Identifying these before you sign the contract enables you to renegotiate with the seller. Obviously, these problems should be fixed and resolved before you move in. Discuss with the seller how you both will pay for the necessary repairs. The costs can be deducted from the total purchase price or the seller can have them repaired and fixed at a certain amount of time before you close the deal.

Be sure that you hire a professional and trained electrician Myrtle Beach to perform the inspection. He might be called in to verify and prove his observations. At the same time, the seller can also hire another third party contractor to conduct an electrical inspection.

Aside from potential problems and issues, you also want to be sure that the electrical system of the house you are considering buying complies with city and state standards and codes. If you fail to confirm this before signing the deal and moving in, you will be required to spend a huge amount of money to update the electrical system.

What happens in an electrical inspection?

Your local electrician will first look at the wiring scheme of the house and verify whether or not it complies with the city and state standards and other local codes. Every outlet, switch and receptacle will be inspected and tested. Every power line should be appropriately grounded. All wiring will be inspected to ensure they are not outdated and old, which makes them highly vulnerable to damage and causing electrical fire.ctr

All observations should be put on paper and properly verified and sealed by the electric company that conducted the inspection. A copy of the results of the inspection should be submitted to the seller for review and analysis. Seller will then decide whether or not he wants to conduct his own inspection. Otherwise the results will be discussed by both buyer and seller.

Make sure you are working with a licensed electric company for the inspection of the house you are considering buying. They should have years of experience conducting electrical inspection in the area. This basically means that they are well aware of the local standards and codes. Call MB Electrician Pros now to schedule an appointment.

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