electrical plansMany electricians recommend that homeowners create an electrical plan before starting any electrical work in their homes. Whether you need repairs or upgrades, having electrical plans are crucial. It helps both the electrician and the homeowner understand the specific steps required for the project.

Collaboration in Creating the Electrical Plans

Creating an electrical plan is a joint effort between the homeowner and the electrician. The homeowner decides where they want outlets and light switches, along with the quantity for each room. The electrician, in turn, creates a wiring map to accommodate these requirements. Additionally, the plan outlines circuits for large appliances like electric ranges, air conditioners, and washing machines, each of which needs its dedicated breaker.

Key Details in the Electrical Plan

Several important details should be included in the electrical plan:

Wire Sizes: The plan should specify the sizes of wires to be used. Wire size depends on the number of amperes it can carry. For instance, light switches may require smaller wires, while plugs and breakers may need larger ones. The plan ensures that the right wire size is chosen for each application.

Appliance Connections: Clearly indicate which appliances will be connected to each plug or outlet. This information ensures that the circuit provides the correct voltage for the outlet.

electrical plansElectrical Load: The electrical load on a circuit also determines the wire size required. It’s essential for the electrician in Myrtle Beach to select the correct wire size and depict it accurately in the plan. This guides the installation of wires in specific rooms and their precise locations.

Additional Components in the Electrical Plan

Beyond wires and plugs, the electrical plan should specify the number and placement of new boxes. These boxes connect to the service panels, which, in turn, connect to the main electrical meter. They serve as the point of connection for power lines from outside. The plan should show the location of these boxes and detail which electrical outlets and switches they are linked to.

Typically, boxes for plugs are positioned near the floor, while switch boxes are mounted at a height of 3 to 4 feet. For light fixtures, wall and ceiling boxes are typically used.

Plan Early for a Smooth Upgrade

If you’re considering an electrical upgrade, it’s advisable to collaborate with a residential electrician to create your electrical plan. Once finalized, the plan should not be altered during the project. Therefore, ample time should be allocated for its creation and finalization. To learn more about the importance of electrical plans and get professional assistance, contact your local residential electrician in Myrtle Beach today.

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