Surge Protection Myrtle BeachThunderstorms remind us that it is time to write another post about whole house surge protection.  You may have heard the term “transient surge.”  This is when the electrical power has a sudden spike that surges through your wiring and will short circuit any appliance or electrical device that you have connected to your electrical service panel.  The most common cause of this sudden surge is lightning. Keep in mind that lightning does not need to strike your home directly.  By striking a nearby transformer, a spike in electrical voltage can be sent throughout the neighborhood and literally destroy the equipment in every home in the area.

In today’s world, almost every device in your home that requires electricity has a circuit board similar to the type found in your computer. The only safeguard is professional installed whole house surge protection.  Not only will you be protected against a lightning spike, but protecting your entire house also will safeguard you against any fluctuations in power that are often found in the rural areas of Horry County. These fluctuations in power are caused by longer distances between service providers.  This type of fluctuation can cause serious damage to not only computers but also to kitchen appliances, stereos, and televisions that are not protected.

Whole House Surge Protection vs Retail Surge Strips

Often a homeowner will install a surge strip to protect their equipment but many of these hazards will go right through a retail power strip. Whole house surge protection is the only way to proactively guard against power fluctuations that can damage your investment in appliances and electronic equipment.

A home that has been built in the last 20 – 30 years are usually larger and are more customized which leads to a more complex wiring system.  If you are a Myrtle Beach homeowner, you may be surprised that your electrical panel contains a circuit board similar to your home computer.  When a voltage strike from a transformer surge or lightning strikes the circuit board, the spike in power will short circuit the board and this will cause a surge to be sent to every electrical device in your home that is connected to the electrical network.  This is why it is a good idea to unplug ALL devices during a thunderstorm.

The only way to minimize the damage to your property is to invest in a whole house surge suppressor which is specifically designed to block the lightning spike or the spike due to fluctuations in the power.  Studies have shown that a whole house surge protection will literally block amps up to 300,000.

There are surge protection devices for the whole house on the market today that claim that can be installed by a self-trained or novice electrician, however, it is almost impossible for anyone other than a trained electrician to install properly.   When you work with a professional electrical contractor, you will receive the best whole house surge protection wired directly into the electrical panel of your home.  A professional Myrtle Beach electrician can quickly assess the size of your home’s electrical needs and easily calculate the level of protection that you need.

When a professional Myrtle Beach electrician reviews the size of the service that you will need, they are not referring to the actual physical dimensions of the electrical panel.  In this instance, they are referring to the ratio of power that is delivered to your Myrtle Beach home and not the actual number of electrical devices that are drawing power from your panel.  However, the more valuable and the higher number of components that are drawing power from your electrical panel, the higher the risk of a catastrophe in the event of power fluctuation.   Think about how many TVs you have in your home, game devices and other electronic equipment.  I can’t tell you how many times we have entered a home to find an expensive plasma TV plugged directly into the wall panel.  This will be the first device affected in a lightning strike.

You will want to take a look outside your home at systems such as security alarms, satellite dishes, and landline telephone systems.  Even though these systems are outside of your Myrtle Beach home, they are also vulnerable to an electrical surge and will need to be taken into consideration when calculating the level of surge protection coverage.

Do you have a home theater system?  It the answer is yes, it is critical for you to invest in whole house surge protection.  What many homeowners with home theater systems don’t realize is that they are electrical subsystems that are operating within the home’s overall electrical system.  Even if a theater system is using a retail surge strip, it is not protected and can adversely affect the entire electrical system.

By contacting a professional electrician, they can design and install a whole home surge protection system that covers your investment in your home theater system, expensive televisions and gaming systems, as well as, computers, appliances and other electrical devices in your home.

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