electricianSmall electrical issues at home may or may not call for the help of an electrician. If you are experienced and knowledgeable enough about doing electrical repairs, fixing the broken fixture and replacing that bulb will be super easy. However, for the rest of the population, it is not so simple. The mere fact that electricity can injure or cost a person’s life is very threatening to many. That is why it’s a wise decision to leave any electrical repair that is beyond your capacity to the people who know how to safely deal with the issue.

Here are five times you will need an electrician

1. Overloaded extension cords – first of all, extension cords should never be used as a substitute for solid and permanent wiring. Extension cords are not rated for long-term use under high loads. The fact that these devices are overloaded can cause major issues in your home. Not only will it cause injury, but it can also trigger electrical fires.

2. Heating wall outlets – your wall outlets are not supposed to heat up when in use. After you’ve plugged in an electrical appliance and the outlet heats up, it’s a clear sign that there is something wrong. If you encounter any issues with your wall outlets, call a Myrtle Beach electrician. There’s no need to wait for the problem to worsen. If there is a sign that something is wrong with your electrical system, call it in right away.

3. Sparks coming out of the outlet – if you see any kind of spark flying out of a wall outlet while it is in use, you know there is something bad going on. Regardless of how you use it, there shouldn’t be any sparks being produced by the wall socket. If it does, then you know that an issue is at hand. Be careful about these kinds of situations. If sparks are flying, that often means there is a short in the system. If a short happens, it can damage other electrical components and cause a fire. Call an emergency electrician immediately.

4. Flickering lights – there are different reasons why your light would flicker. The reasons could either be due to a faulty fixture, broken light bulb, or intermittent electricity leading to the light bulb. If only one of the lights in your house is flickering, the issue is isolated and can easily be fixed. However, if more than one is flickering, there’s a bigger issue.

5. Weird odors – if you’ve ever smelled anything weird coming from an appliance you just plugged in and turned on, there’s probably an issue. If the odor is coming from the wall outlet, the problem is most likely bigger than you thought. Any burning smell or odors like melting plastic means there is overheating going on that could be caused by different reasons. One reason is because of a short circuit or an overload in the wiring which is causing it to heat up, melt the insulation, and burn anything that it touches. In case you encounter any of these signs, call MB Electrician Pros to have the issue resolved right away.

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