Generator Myrtle BeachWe are smack in the middle of hurricane season and many of you are thinking about purchasing a generator.  We were fortunate that we have not had in scares in recent years, but we might not be so lucky with the next storm.

Summer storms can also cause lengthy power outages and having a generator handy can mean the difference in saving that freezer full of food and losing it.  A generator can also make life so much more comfortable during an outage.

But what do you look for when buying a generator?

First take a look at the wattage

Make a list of the appliances and lights that you will want to run off the machine.  Do you need to run a pump for a pool? Do you have health equipment that needs to be maintained such as oxygen ventilators?  Do you have outside lights that need to stay on to prevent vandalism?

The wattage of all of your needs combined will tell you how much wattage your generator needs to accommodate.  If you are not sure of the wattage, you can call your local licensed electrician and tell him what equipment you need to maintain during an outage and he can help you determine the estimated wattage. You want to make sure that the machine you choose has the maximum rated output needed to run your lights, appliances and special equipment.

What is the size of the fuel tank?

How long will the generator last on one tank?  You will want to make sure that you have enough gas on hand to accommodate several days in an outage. The best generators will run on either gas or diesel fuel.  There are some generators that will run on propane or natural gas.  Where is the closest supply of the type of fuel you will need to your home?  This may have a big impact on the type of machine you purchase.

Where do you purchase?

Although you can purchase from your local Walmart, you will want to consider purchasing from your local electrician Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros.  He can help you choose the right size, type and fuel capacity.  Then he can help you install the machine and give you great safety tips on running your generator.  He will be there to answer your questions in the future – even during an outage.

Call Myrtle Beach Electrician Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros at 843-492-5958 – Tony will be glad to answer your questions.

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