electrical safetyChristmas is supposed to be a time of joy and bonding with friends and family. However, the holidays can quickly turn sour when the very decorations that brighten up the household can cause accidents. According to experts, one out of three Christmas trees catch fire due to faulty electrical components. If you plan on making your holidays problem-free, you might want to have an electrician check out your house and decorations for any faults and ensure electrical safety.

Here are some tips to keep the jolly spirit of Christmas alive by upholding electrical safety:

1. Buy a fire-resistant Christmas tree– if you happen to go shopping for an artificial tree this year, be sure that you are buying one that specifically says “fire-resistant” on the label. This does not mean that the tree won’t burn. However, it will be hard for it to combust which gives you enough time to put out the fire in case it lights up.

2. Buy a fresh tree – if you want to stand by tradition and choose to buy a fresh tree, go for the freshest one you can find. Don’t settle for a tree that’s already days or weeks old. An older tree may have already dried up and will be easier to combust. Ask your local Myrtle Beach electrician for help regarding installing lighting and other electric decorations.

3. Use lights where they are intended – some decorative lighting is specifically meant for indoor use. Others are designed for outdoor applications. While it may sound like a no-brainer, only install lights outside when they are rated for outdoor use. Don’t install indoor lights on your porch or anywhere else outside your home.

4. Use insulated hooks – proper insulation is key to preventing electrocution or possible electrical fires. Use hooks that have rubber insulation when hanging wires and lights.

5. Check your lights – before you turn on the lights outside your home, make sure everything is working. Any landscape lighting must be installed properly to avoid electrocution.

6. Check the label – when buying decorative lighting, be sure that you check the label before you purchase. Make sure that each one is rated and has met safety guidelines.

7. Beware of using extension cords – use extension cords with caution. Don’t overload them and never use them for permanent or semi-permanent applications. Only use them as temporary outlets and keep them away from heat or water.

8. Don’t overload your outlets – it is never a good idea to overload electrical outlets. In case you need to plug in more lights, find other outlets you can plug them into. Don’t use extension cords on outlets that already bear enough electrical load.

9. Turn off the lights – before you go to bed at night, don’t forget to turn off the lights. Only turn the lights on when you or other individuals are at home. Never let lights stay lit all night unless they are rated for prolonged usage.

10. Hire an electrician for an inspection – before you start decorating your home for Christmas, be sure to hire experts like MB Electrician Pros for an inspection. This will prevent any electrical issues from occurring especially in the middle of the holidays.

Is your home’s electrical system ready for the holidays? Don’t let electrical problems ruin your Christmas! Call MB Electrician Pros to maintain electrical safety in your household. You may reach us at 843-353-6345.

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