Myrtle Beach ElectriciansTo help conserve energy and become more energy efficient, Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros the electrician recommends the use of CFL lighting. CFL means Compact Fluorescent Lamps, which use less energy to create lighting that is as bright as previous light bulbs that use a lot of electricity to create the same quality of lighting.

The reason CFL uses less energy is that it only needs a small amount of energy to ignite the mix of gases inside the bulb. This creates high energy invisible light, which becomes visible after it has been absorbed by the fluorescent coating.

Benefits of using CFL light bulbs as explained by electrician professionals

According to experts, CFL light bulbs produce the same amount and quality of lighting as the average incandescent lamps. However, CFL lighting use 75% less electricity and, thus, could last far longer than the average light bulbs. In fact, reports show that CFL light bulbs have a lifespan that is 10 times longer than an ordinary light bulb.

The energy savings and its long lifespan are probably the primary reasons why many homeowners are opting to switch to CFL light bulbs even though they are more costly than ordinary light bulbs. For these homeowners, the savings on utility bills that they gain from using CFL light bulbs are more than the additional dollars they would have to pay to make the switch. What makes it more beneficial is it has a longer lifespan so they wouldn’t have to frequently replace their light bulbs.

Professional electricians are continuously suggesting the use of CFL light bulbs to various neighborhoods and communities, particularly those with residents who are concerned with the environment and are looking for ways to help conserve natural resources and save money from your monthly utility bills.

Choosing the right CFL Lightbulbs

There are several considerations you will have to make to ensure switching to CFL lighting fixtures is the right choice for you. Here are some of them:

  • Amount of light the bulbs emit
  • lighting needs
  • Size of the bulb
  • Color temperature
  • Brightness

Keep in mind that light output and brightness are measured in lumens in CFL lighting while ordinary lighting use watts to measure light output and brightness.

If you’re not sure how to choose the right CFL light bulbs to replace your current lighting fixtures with, contact Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros the electrician now!

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