surge protectorsWe often talk about keeping your electronics safe from sudden power surges. But what’s the deal with surge protectors? There are different gadgets related to surge protections, like power strips and wall mounts. Let’s break down the differences between these devices.

First, remember that our expert residential electricians are here to help with all your electrical needs. Now, let’s get into it!

Surge Protectors

These are like the guardians of your electrical devices. They work to shield your gadgets from sudden and powerful bursts of electricity. While there are various types of surge protectors, the common ones you find in stores look like power strips but have some extra safety features. They act like superheroes for your plugged-in devices.

However, when professional electrical contractors mention surge protectors, they usually mean something more advanced – whole-home surge protectors. These devices are installed in your home’s electrical system and provide an extra layer of protection for everything in your house, not just the things you plug into them.

Wall Mounts

Wall mount surge protectors are similar to the regular ones you plug into an outlet, but they are designed to fit higher-up wall outlets. These gadgets offer an added level of convenience. Imagine having a regular surge protector hanging awkwardly from your wall – not the best look, right?

surge protectorsWall mounts often come with added safety features like GFCI and sometimes include USB slots for charging your devices. They might cost a bit more than basic surge protectors, but they’re both powerful and user-friendly.

Power Strips

People often get power strips and surge protectors mixed up because they serve a similar purpose. Both allow you to plug in multiple devices, but surge protectors are like power strips with extra protection. They are designed to reduce the risk of overloading your electrical circuits.

These days, when most folks say “power strips,” they usually mean surge protectors. In everyday conversations, these terms have become almost interchangeable. However, when you’re shopping for one, it’s essential to ensure it has surge protection for added safety.

Staying Safe with Surge Protection

Safety is a top priority. Even if you already use surge protectors at home, it’s a good idea to consider having our expert electricians in Myrtle Beach install a whole-home surge protector. This added layer of security keeps your appliances safe, prevents data loss, and ensures your family’s well-being.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to MB Electrician Pros to learn more about our affordable surge protector options. We’re here to help you safeguard your electronics from power surges for years to come.

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