Electrical SystemPower interference and other types of electrical system problems can be costly if you do not do anything to prevent these from happening. Although solving these problems is possible, you will have to be prepared to spend a huge amount of money for the necessary repairs and replacements.

Fortunately, there is a cost effective way of preventing power interference and other electrical system problems: Surge Protection. But before you start with the prevention process, it would help if you learn about some of the common types of power interference:

1. Voltage Dips – This is what happens when you switch on high-draw devices and appliances, other devices that are plugged in or switched on receive reduced amount of energy. This is why your overhead lighting flickers when you switch on your washing machine or plug in the refrigerator. Voltage dips are not considered as huge problems, although they can cause quite a bit of an inconvenience when it becomes severe enough and is able to cut the power throughout your entire home.

2. Voltage Surge – Because this power interference is characterized by a momentary rise in voltage, it is often considered as the most serious form of power interference. The damage it can create can be ultimately destructive to your gadgets and appliances including your computer, TV’s, speakers, treadmills and others.

Aside from learning about the electrical system problems that you are facing, you also need to know about the appropriate solution to these problems.

What is surge protection?

Surge protection is the process of preventing an electrical power surge – regardless of the cause or the source – from reaching the home’s electrical panel and damaging every appliance that is plugged in and/or running. Currently available on the market today are two types of surge protection depending on the amount of voltage surges homeowners are looking to prevent.

1. Surge Suppressor – These come in the form of power strips and can handle small amounts of power surges, which could happen a hundred or more times per day. Although, homeowners may not always notice it, brief power surges happen more than once on a daily basis, especially when you switch on your appliances that need lots of energy to operate.

With a surge suppressor or power strip, the excess energy that your other devices and appliances are using is diverted elsewhere. The use of power strips also help protect your wiring insulation and devices and gadgets from the continuous effects of brief power surges.

2. Surge Arrestor – These are designed to prevent more severe power surges including those that can put a house on fire. A typical surge arrestor can protect against up to 20,000 volts and could effectively protect your switches, appliances, and circuit breaker box. They work to reduce power surges to below 600 volts.

Professionals suggest using both types of surge protection as they work most effectively alongside each other.

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