residential electricianAmong the most common places where residential fires begin are in the electrical panels, according to professional residential electrician. The homeowners insurance may cover the damage caused by the first that begin in the electrical panels. Coverage eligibility will depend on the type of electrical panel, the residential codes in your local area, and the age, as well as the electrical inspections done every year.

Residential Electrician Tips – Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Fires?

If there’s an issue in the electrical wiring of your home, you might not discover it until it’s too late. About three in five electrical fires begin when an electrical panel breaker does not trip. Electrical fires are among the top causes of home fires and have led to about 500 deaths and as much as $1.3 billion worth of property damage every year.

If the electrical panels could be a fire risk, then it is crucial to ensure that the damage that is caused by fires that come from the electrical panels are covered by the homeowner’s insurance. But, there are factors that affect the eligibility for insurance coverage. These are:

  • The kind of electrical panel
  • The age of the panel
  • The regional code requirements
  • The yearly inspections conducted by electricians Myrtle Beach

Your insurer may cover some kinds of panel boxes in specific circumstances however, they may deny you coverage in case your electrical panels are outdated, older, or proven to be very risky.

How To Make Sure That Your Electrical Panel Is Covered?

The most dangerous fire risk is bad wiring especially when it comes from a faulty electrical panel. Insurers will not provide coverage on certain electrical panels due to the risks of fires that they pose to the homeowners. To ensure that your electrical panel is covered, you need to know what type it is and have it inspected by a qualified electrical contractor annually to make sure that it meets the code and safety compliance.

What are the types of panels that are not covered by the homeowners insurance?

In case you have any of these electrical panels, they won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. They have been found as unsafe for households. These are the following:

  • Federal pacific electric panels
  • Zinsco panels
  • Split bus electrical panels
  • Fuse box

In case your house was constructed before 1990, you probably have one of these electrical panels. They are unsafe and do not meet the code requirements for the safety of residential homes. Talk to an electrical engineer.

Do you need electrical inspections to ensure coverage?

Yearly electrical inspections by a qualified residential electrician Myrtle Beach or electrical inspector might be required to keep the coverage on your electrical panels especially when the wiring or the electrical panel is older. Electrical panels won’t last forever. Heat will run through the connections day in and day out, which will cause them to deteriorate over time. In case your electrical panel is over 20 years old, then it could pose a fire hazard. By checking the electrical wiring every year, it will help with your insurance claims in case you need to file one.


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