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Electrical Contractor Myrtle BeachYou should always ask questions before hiring a Myrtle Beach electrical contractor. In most cases electricians are capable of doing the work and they are fair and honest whether they are in Myrtle Beach, Conway or Surfside Beach. However, there are always those few who are not – so make sure you ask plenty of questions prior to hiring an electrician for any maintenance or installation job in your home.

Ask Questions Before Hiring A Myrtle Beach Electrical Contractor

Keep in mind that not all electricians handle every type of job. Many Myrtle Beach electrical contractors only take on construction and remodeling jobs. Others, such as handy men, will do minor jobs and repairs. For this reason you need to fully explain to the electrical contractor the kind of work you have in mind. By asking the right questions you can see if they are capable of doing the work you need done.

Important Considerations Before Hiring An Electrical Contractor

Think about certain things before hiring an electrical contractor. For example, insurance and permits are required. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of insurance and, if applicable, a permit. Accidents happen and you need to know that the damage will be covered. What if a worker is injured while working in your home? You don’t want to be held responsible or in a worse case scenario be sued. So be sure to ask for proof of workmen’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance. You should also ask for proof of their current business license.

Considerations When Asking For An Estimate

Before the electrical contractor comes to your home ask if they will provide you with an estimate. With today’s gas prices, you need to keep in mind that if the job is small they could lose revenue simply by driving to your home or office. For this reason, many electricians will offer you a minimum or fixed price for smaller jobs. If it is a large job, such as a remodeling job or addition to your home, you will want to have more than one Myrtle Beach electrical contractor come to your home and give you an estimate. However, don’t let price be your only consideration.

Do not try and cut corners by purchasing the materials yourself just to save a few dollars.

In the long run this will end up costing your money. You are better off having the electrician include the materials in their estimate because he/she knows exactly what they need and how much. It is also good to know that if material is damaged during installation or comes up missing, the electrician is responsible for replacing the materials – not you.

Always Have A Firm Grasp of What Will Be Due and When Hiring A Myrtle Beach Electrician

Usually with smaller jobs an electrician will request to be paid upon completion. It is customary to ask for a down payment on a major remodeling contract prior to starting the job. The balance can then be paid in increments throughout the job or in one lump sum at the end of the project.

Proper Planning Will Avoid Unpleasant Surprises Later

If additional labor is needed to complete the job, the electrical contractor may have to charge more for the job. This also applies if the job is a considerable distance from the home office. Always ask these questions BEFORE the job starts.

Be prepared that the electrician may need to cut holes in our wall or cause other damage while doing the work. In most cases the electrical contractor will not be responsible for fixing the damage that is done. So ask ahead of time what the damages to your home will be.

Try and think of anything and everything that applies to your situation so you won’t be surprised when the job is completed.

Give your local electrical contractor a call today and ask your questions.

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