electricianThe Fire Department in the U.S. responds to a fire every 24 seconds. Renters insurance, condo and home insurance cover you for different risks and that includes fire damage. The National Fire Protection Association reported $23 billion in damages paid because of fire losses in 2017. Of these, $10.7 billion weren’t related to wildfire insurance claims, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Preventing home fire is crucial for both new and old homeowners. Fortunately, basic fires can be prevented by following the tips provided by professional electricians.

Fire Hazards To Look Out For

  1. Don’t leave your food unattended while you are cooking. Electricians Myrtle Beach say that cooking is one of the top causes of home fires. Smoke damage can also be brought on by burning food. If you are not in the kitchen. It’s best to turn it off. It’s also important to be cautious especially when you are cooking with oils and grease.
  2. The dryer filter must be kept clean. You have to do regular or annual electrical maintenance of the vents that are used by the dryer exhaust. A blocked vent or build up in the dryer filter can cause a home fire.
  3. Don’t leave the lights on in your home if you are not around. You also have to make sure that you use only the right wattage light bulb. Some light fixtures or lamps might catch fire when they become too hot.
  4. If you are purchasing a new home or if you have been in your house for quite some time and you have not updated the wiring, you need to have it checked by an electrical contractor. Older houses are more at risk of fire because of its outdated electrical wiring. Some home insurance firms even ask for the electrical wiring to be updated when they find old wiring during a home inspection. Damaged outlets and wires, old fuse boxes, aluminium wiring, and tube and knob wiring can all lead to house fires. Your home insurance may even be cancelled if you don’t repair or update your electrical system and they suspect that there’s a possible wiring risk. You should only hire a trustworthy electrician to perform the electrical work. Don’t be tempted to go the DIY route.
  5. You should be careful with your extension and electrical cords. If you plug too many items in a single outlet, the circuit can be overload. You should also not use damaged cords because it can lead to home fires. You need to make sure that your extension cords aren’t overloading your electrical system. They should also carry the electrical load that they are made to carry. Buy the appropriate kind of electrical cords for outdoor and indoor use.
  6. Candles are also common causes of house fires. Given that, you may want to use candles that are battery operated. If you prefer those with real flames, make sure you always keep them in parts of your home with people present so they can check it. The candle should not be surrounded by flammable materials like table decorations, curtains, and shelves.


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