electricianWinter can be a busy time of year for most people, with family visiting, holiday parties, and unpredictable weather. Although it is not something that we often think about, dealing with an electrician during winter can be a significant problem. An electric bill that is out of control is one of the most telling signs of winter. It will be evident in your electricity bill when you turn on the Christmas lights or use your heat more frequently. Here are some tips from an electrician to help you keep your energy costs down …..

Set Your Christmas Lights on a Timer. People are always outdoing each other with extravagant Christmas light displays. Although we love them all, they can use quite a lot of energy during December. Some people advocate the discontinuance of Christmas lights during the holidays to conserve energy. But instead of sacrificing the Christmas spirit and cheer, you could put your lights on a timer so they only run for a few hours after dark. These timers are easy to use and will keep you from running your lights too long. Because LED lights are energy efficient, you will be even more cost-effective. Contact your local Myrtle Beach electrician if you have large displays of Christmas lights. They will make sure that they run safely and efficiently.

Lower the temperature of your thermostat. This is heat. Keep your heat at a temperature that isn’t too cold. If you feel chilly, you can wear a sweater. This will help you save money on your electricity bill. You can also keep your air conditioner running during winter months if it is still on. Instead of letting it run continuously, turn it off as much as possible. Even if your air conditioner is on, it will likely be running during milder weather, which will permit for less A. C. usage. This will make your electric bill much more affordable.

Use Cold Water for Laundry. This works in any season, not just winter. You can get your clothes as clean as warm water without using as much energy. You will notice a significant reduction in your water bill if you wash only with cold water. This is also a great way of conserving energy.

Call your Myrtle Beach electrician for more electrical repair tips and ideas to make your home more efficient.

This field is a specialty of electrical contractors. They can see how energy is being wasted and saved. A home energy audit can be done by them. This will allow you to discover small ways that you can save money. These tips will help you save money this holiday season.

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