electrical safetyThese electrical safety tips were written to help you protect your kids from the potential hazards posed by your electrical system.  They are not just guidelines for kids but also serve as a great reminder to all of us.

Household Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Don’t plug too many electrical items into one outlet.  This also applies to extension cords.  Not only could it cause a severe problem with the electrical system of your Myrtle Beach home, but it is a fire hazard.
  2. Look around your home for electricity cords that are not put away.  They should be tucked away so that people cannot stumble on them and pets can chew on the cord.
  3. You have probably seen electricity substations throughout Myrtle Beach.  Don’t EVER climb on the fence that is around the station.  If a pet runs inside the fence or you lose a ball, ask an adult if they would call the electric company.  They will send someone out to retrieve your pet.
  4. Never pull an electric cord out of the wall.  This can damage the appliance or the outlet itself.
  5. Always fly your kite in areas away from power lines.  The string and the kite act as a conduit for electricity (remember Ben Franklin?) and this could send a shock right through you to the ground.
  6. Always ask an adult when you need to use something that requires electricity.
  7. Before you climb that tree, look around for power lines.  The electricity can go through the tree branch and through your system.
  8. Look around your home for outlets that are not being used.  Ask a grownup to put a safety cap on the unused outlet.
  9. When you see your dad or mom using a ladder, outdoor equipment or chainsaw, remind them to watch out for the power lines.
  10. Always keep anything electronic away from water.  Most accidents that have to do with electricity happen when someone uses an electronic device near water.

Now that you know the basics about electricity safety, don’t forget to call an electrician for any problems related to your electrical system.

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