electricianIn the past few weeks we have had several storms in the Myrtle Beach area and we will soon be in hurricane season. Even if a severe storm bypasses the Myrtle Beach area, we still can feel the effects. Storm safety and maintenance measures need to be taken before you head into seasons which are likely to trigger them. There are certain safety measures, which must be taken by you for you as well as your family member’s safety. You can also hire an electrician if you’d rather have an expert work on it for you.

Tips For Your Family From Pro Electricians

Make sure that everyone in the family is familiar with secure routes from school, home, work or wherever they are. You will want to rehearse these routes and make sure everyone is familiar with the route and they don’t have to second guess where to go.

Make sure that your vehicles are in good condition. Never let your gas tank get below a quarter of a tank before filling it up. Always keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Make a list and buy all the necessary items, which you and your family will need, in case you are not able to get out of the home for a few days due to stormy conditions.

Electricians Myrtle Beach said that your storm safety and maintenance plan should include a weather radio for your home. Make sure that all of you are familiar with the frequency of the radio station, which will provide weather details, so that you can tune in to your radio easily when required.

Make a backup plan for all the family members. In case people are separated during a storm, which is quite possible during a day storm, then you must know about a safe destination, where all of you will get together. Teach your children about the emergency numbers and how to dial them. It is very important for their safety indeed. Keep flashlights and candles in easy to find places. Be familiar with emergency routes out of your area. The city of Myrtle Beach has posted routes on their site.

Tips for Your Home

Storm safety and maintenance is important for your home.

  • If you have roof leaks then get them repaired.
  • Clean rain gutters.
  • It will be good to install weather proof doors, windows and shutters.
  • You must have emergency heating tools in your home for safety reasons.

In the case of severe storm there are increased chances of cut offs of regular fuel resource. You must store wood, which will last for several days for your fire place. Also ensure that your fire place is cleaned and have it checked by a professional to ensure that it is safe to use if required.

During the storm you will want to unplug all appliances and turn off your computer.

Make sure that you have installed the proper surge protection. Use our contact form if you need help with surge protection.

Visit MB Electrician Pros for help with any home repairs you need. Don’t wait until the last minute to find out your are not ready.

If it is a winter storm, you will need to protect your pipes from freezing. A good way to do this is to wrap them with old newspapers. To keep away the moisture it is important that you surround the newspaper with plastic.

You must know how and what you can do to help your kids, elderly, and neighbors in case they need you in an emergency. You can avoid emergency situations and reduce the detrimental impact of storms, if you ensure storm safety and carry out maintenance of all necessary equipment before the arrival of storm season whether that is in winter or summer. You can also take quick and correct decisions at crucial times by preparing yourself in advance.

Call MB Electrician Pros now and let our professional and certified electrical contractor help you with deal with your electrical problems.

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