electricianWhether you are constructing or remodelling a residence you will likely work with an electrical expert at some time. It is typically needed that any brand-new circuitry is completed by a licensed as well as a certified electrician. You will need to offer your Myrtle Beach electrician a to-do list to make sure that they know just what you want done.

Everyone’s list is not the same, yet if you are redesigning a house below are some suggestions for you to make use of for your specific to-do list.

To-Do List For Your Electrician

Examine Existing Electrical wiring

If your current electrical wiring was done several years ago it is most likely not up to code for today’s needs. Ask your electrician Myrtle Beach to review your wiring and make tips on how to make it a better solution for your home. Safety and security laws from just two decades ago are very often very different from what they are today. This one task alone could save you and your family from disaster.

Examine Old Outlets

If your electrical outlets are as old as your circuitry you possibly need brand-new ones. The plugs become eroded with time and can be ruined leading to a fire danger. Plus lots of old electrical outlets typically aren’t GFCI electrical outlets which are a whole lot more secure. (ground mistake circuit interrupter).

Eliminate or Include Phone Jacks

Do you still make use of a landline? Many people do not, so if you do not you could have the landline jacks eliminated, providing your wall a cleaner appearance or include another outlet instead. If you do still use landlines possibly a much better variation that functions better is offered today.

Mount Other Types of Illumination

Maybe you desire a dimmer switch, or you want lights that switch on as well as off if someone enters the area to save on power costs. Possibly you want over head lights in your office or under a cabinet in the cooking area so you could see well.

Save Power with Programmable Thermostats

Given that you’re redesigning, why not update your thermostat to ensure that it’s programmable. If your thermostat instantly sets itself appropriately for daytime as well as nighttime you can conserve quite a lot on your utility costs.

Set up Outside Outlets

Do you want to use electric tools for yard work such as electric hedge trimmers or electrical chainsaw because they are a lot more powerful than the battery operated kind? After that ask your electrical expert to install convenient outside electrical outlets for you.

Whole House Surge Protection

Often a home owner will install a surge strip to protect their equipment but many of these hazards will go right through a retail power strip. Whole house surge protection is the only way to proactively guard against power fluctuations that can damage your investment in appliances and electronic equipment.

Home that have been built in the last 20 – 30 years are usually larger and are more customized which leads to a more complex wiring system.  If you are a Myrtle Beach homeowner, you may be surprised that your electrical panel contains a circuit board similar to your home computer.  When a voltage strike from a transformer surge or lightning strikes the circuit board, the spike in power will short circuit the board and this will cause a surge to be send to every electrical device in your home that is connected to the electrical network.  This is why it is a good idea to unplug ALL devices during a thunderstorm.

The only way to minimize the damage to your property is to invest in a whole house surge suppressor which is specifically designed to block the lightning spike or the spike due to fluctuations in the power.  Studies have shown that a whole house surge suppressor will literally block amps up to 300,000.

Other Products

Walk through your residence with pad and pen to guarantee that you don’t leave anything off of your remodel for your electrical contractor. Go in each space and also observe just what needs to be changed or added. Do you desire a new over head lighting fixture, what about a ceiling fan? Write all of it down so you can remember when you produce your electrical contractors to do list.

Your list is going to look different from this checklist since it depends on whether you are doing a remodel, a new construct, or another thing totally. No matter, it’s a good idea to write down everything to ensure that you and also your electrical contractor always remember anything. You’ll save both money and time with a residential electrician to do list.

Call MB Electrician Pros for all your electrical needs. Whether you are remodelling or simply need to add a new outlet, we are here for you.

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