recessed lightingRegardless of how well-designed your home is, having a bad lighting can easily ruin the mood. Recessed lighting are great options that can help fix that. The goal for adding recessed light is not just  and interest to your environment. Given that, layering your lighting is important. Using recessed lights is not enough. You have to combine it with other types of lights from table lamps, candles, scones, and decorative pendants. All these can make your rooms feel inviting and balanced. Recessed lights work well with modern and traditional settings.

Listed below are a few things you need to know about recessed lighting. Always remember that if you are unsure, you can always hire a professional electrician:

Wash The Wall With Light

You will find recessed lighting in different configurations. Wall washers are fixtures that are usually installed between 18 and 24 inches from the wall, taking into account the ceiling light. They are used in a series so the light is distributed on a much larger surface. Once light is bounced off a vertical surface into a room, it will produce an excellent feeling of being in a room that is well illuminated. You will notice the wall and not the fixture.

Spotlight Art and Objects

Rather than covering the space with a uniform light grid, you should install a spotlight to help familiarize the eye. It has a narrow beam that will help focus your attention to a certain moment in a specific room.

Choose The Perfect Trim Style

Everybody knows that beauty is always in the details. You will find recessed lights with different apertures and trim options. Selecting the best ones can make even the most low key ceiling lights feel refined and considered. You will also see sophisticated fixtures that come with metal finishes that will look really well with wood ceilings. If you are looking for a more minimal application, you should consider the installation of flangeless fixtures plastered on the ceiling to appear seamless. All you will notice is an origami like cutout on your ceiling.

Look For A Warm Bulb Color

Not all light bulbs are the same. Many people like the warm glow of halogen and incandescent lights. However, recessed LED lights are gaining in popularity. But before you commit to anything, you should test the color quality first. If you are planning to install these in your house, you may want to consider choosing warmer LEDs as they are similar to the quality of a halogen light. However, you need to take note that cheaper LED lights are not really consistent in color quality, and you will see varying shades of light from one fixture to another.

Use Dimmers

Don’t forget to install dimmer lights if possible, on all fixtures in your house. Being able to change the lighting intensity according to the mood you wish to make is important. Dimmers are not just ideal for entertaining areas but in the bathroom as well. Another benefit of utilizing dimmers is that if a bulb is dimmed by even just 10%, you will be extending the life of the light bulb. Don’t hesitate to call a Myrtle Beach electrician if you need professional help.

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