emergency electricianHow can you tell when an emergency electrician is needed? An emergency electrician is needed for certain situations. Statistics show that electrical fires cause property damage of around $1.3 billion each year.

A lot of homes were engulfed by electrical fires. Your home shouldn’t be among the statistic. Protect your home from electrical fires. Call your electrician immediately if you suspect an electrical problem.

These are some situations that require an emergency electrician

If fuses blow often

Fuses are designed so that they will blow if there is an overload. If fuses do blow, it is important to have them checked by a licensed electrician. A blown fuse may only be the tip. It’s best to contact an expert to determine the cause of the problem.

If lights flicker incessantly

If your lights are flickering, it could be a problem with the power supply, the lightbulb or the fixture. This issue should not be ignored. It can be fixed by a Myrtle Beach electrician.

When electrical outlets feel warm to the touch

Call an emergency electrician in Myrtle Beach immediately if electrical outlets feel warm when they are in use. This could indicate that the outlet has been overloaded or doesn’t have the right wire gauge.

Switches heat up

Regular power is the only purpose of switches. It is a sign of danger that the switches are too hot. The heat produced by electrical switches is not normal. Get in touch with an expert immediately.

Lightbulbs go out quickly

Your lightbulbs burning faster than usual could be caused by the type of lightbulb or the lighting fixture. The lightbulb may not be able to handle the power.

Electric bills go up

If your electricity bill suddenly rises without you changing your usage patterns, it is likely that something is wrong. To determine the cause of your increased energy consumption, call an electrician.

Appliance switches can cause mild shocks

If you feel a tingling sensation when you turn a switch on and off, this could indicate that something is wrong. Call your local electrical contractor if you feel a slight shock when turning on or off a switch.

The third prong of your electrical outlets doesn’t exist

An electrical outlet that isn’t properly grounded won’t normally have a third prong. Remember to always ensure proper grounding.

If your electrical system hasn’t been inspected for a while

Has it been a while since your electrical system was inspected by an expert such as MB Electrician Pros. Now is the time to schedule an inspection if you haven’t done so. You can ensure electrical safety in your home by making sure your system is current and being regularly inspected.

You must be careful not to become a victim of electrical fires. Make sure your home is safe. Regularly inspect your electrical system. Call MB Electrician Pros for reliable electrical services.

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