electrician Myrtle BeachUnless you have a new home, you will most likely need the help of an electrician Myrtle Beach sooner or later. New electrical codes help make homes much safer and it is crucial to keep up with these changes. With technology evolving at a fast pace these days, the need for electricity also increases.

Older houses in particular, need to be updated to meet their electrical demands. So, when do you need to hire an electrician?

Reasons to Hire An Electrician Myrtle Beach?

System Interruptus

In case your electrical circuit breakers always trip, or if the fuses blow all the time, it means the circuits are drawing more electrical current than they can offer. This can also show that there is a dangerous fault on at least once circuit.

Flickering and Waning Lights

Do you notice your lamp flicker whenever you use your hair dryer? Do your ceiling lights dim whenever the air conditioner is turned on? A lot of motor-driven appliances use a lot of current and must be wired on a dedicated circuit. In case smaller appliances also trigger problems, you should think of adding a 20-amp line to help service them.

Octopus Wires

Are your outlets being strangled by multi receptacle addons and plugin strips? If yes, then your electrical system is working way beyond its capacity. You need to have more circuits installed and they should have duplex receptacles to ensure safety and order.

Wires Running Under Rugs

If you are living in a room where there are many wires running under the rug and furniture, then you’re living in a dangerous condition and you need to have more outlets installed. If some of these wires are extension cords, it means your outlets are way too far apart. All these indicate that more outlets are needed throughout the house.

No Outlet For Three-Prong Grounded Plugs

Older homes don’t have outlets that accept three prong grounded plugs. You are not completely safe if your electrical wiring system is not totally grounded.

Changing Old Standards

If you remove a switch cover or an outlet, do you see bits of black rubber? Are the wires covered with cloth rather than plastic? In case you have an older home and your answers to these questions is yes, then your electrical wires have old insulation and are dangerously deficient, which means it cannot support your home’s increasing electrical needs.


If you notice moisture or rust on or underneath the main service panel of your home, it is an indication that there is a problem. Deterioration at the service panel will threaten the primary wiring connections within and may indicate similar issues throughout your electrical system.

Your Electrical System Needs Improvement

If your house is more than twenty years old, and you have never upgraded your electrical system, you might be living with a potentially hazardous and insufficient wiring system. For the safety of your family and for your own peace of mind, you should have an electrical contractor check it and if needed, update it to the code standards today.

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