electricianDoes your house have a fishy odor? Even if you’re not experiencing this right now, you should know what may cause this smell because your safety, and that of your family and home may depend on it. Knowing what this means can help you prevent two electrical problems, which will need the assistance of a professional electrician – electrical fire and costly AC repairs.

Here you’ll learn why fishy smells may spell electrical danger. You’ll also know what you need to do if and when you encounter this problem and that includes calling an emergency electrician.

Electrician Tips: What is the meaning of a fishy smell in your house?

Nine out of ten cases, a house that has a fishing smell means there are overheating components like the wiring, circuit breakers, and outlets.

Most circuit breakers or wires are made out of heat resistant chemicals. However, if those breakers, outlets, or wires overheat, the chemicals that they are made of will release a weird scent that smells like a fish.

So why would the appliances in your home begin overheating to begin with? Well, there are many electrical problems that can cause overheating, electrical engineers said. These include frayed cords, loose wires, overloaded circuits, incorrectly sized fuses or breakers, wire insulation breakdowns, and homes with electrical systems that are not up to code.

What should you do if your home smells fishy?

Call an electrician right away. An electrician Myrtle Beach will find and fix the overheating component. They will also check for other possible overheating issues. The longer those devices or wires overheat, the more likely it will cause an electrical fire specially when the device is close to a flammable object like wood, paint, cellulose insulation, or wallpaper.

The scary part here is that many homeowners misdiagnose that smell as either a dead animal, mold, or sewer gas in the basement, attic, or walls. That means that they are wasting valuable time and money trying to repair a problem that they don’t have. Always remember that dead animals, mold, and sewer gases don’t produce a fishy scent.

How to prevent this fishy smell?

The best defense against overheating electrical components at home is to have electrical inspections on a yearly basis. Find a company that offers affordable electrical safety inspections per year. Some of them even offer free service calls. There are companies that offer discounts for home electrical repairs. You may also get free replacement for broken plates and outlets or broken light switches. If necessary, they may provide outlet repairs and other services.


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